‘Los Tigres del Norte’ drops first lesbian love ballad


‘Los Tigres del Norte’ drops first lesbian love ballad

She was different … she would give flowers to her best girlfriend.”

Those are part of the lyrics to a new Mexican corrido that could — more than anything else — help change mainstream traditional views on gay love in Latin America.

Los Tigres del Norte, known as the Mexican Rolling Stones, are one of Latin America’s most influential bands. They’ve sold millions of records in their 50-plus years together, singing about everything from narco culture to the plight of immigrants attempting to reach the United States. Their songs are enormously influential, and have helped to shape public opinion in Mexico and Latin America for decades.

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  1. They are the best of the best and always singing about reality, they have so many amazing songs, not just about drugs and even those songs if you pay attention you will hear that they sing anout it in a very different way than the new "corridos alterados"
    Ella era diferente, its an amazing song.


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