Major Ripple Partners All Going Down For Maintenance At The Same Time. What's Going On?


Major Ripple Partners All Going Down For Maintenance At The Same Time. What's Going On?


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  1. a two day maintenance is going on tonight, with good news i assume xrp will repeat history and drop another 15%

  2. So many hype moments I've been let down by all through out 2018. This is the one time that I won't get hyped up about and it will probably go over $1 as soon as it's live.

  3. Does anyone think there could be a connection to this and bearable guys picture puzzle and the moon in his hat?

  4. when will MG start using XRP ? ? The last train to hope coin value increase… After that I'm gonna loose any faith

  5. Thanks for the video. We need to entertain ourselves from time to time as time you enjoy wasting is never wasted. Banks under maintenance is a normal thing. Could have sold my bag earlier and gotten 3x in btc but no regret as we always learn our lesson. Only btc what matters and period

  6. im with CIBC bank in Canada and the online banking part has been offline the last few days too for maintenance. Im not sure if thats on the partner list but it cant be a coincidence ???

  7. I like your info, but PLEASE, DON'T TALK SO FAST!!!!!!! I feel like I am running a race to try to keep up!

  8. @Alex Cobb, I know you're not held legally to do it since it's unregulated Crypto. But do you ever plan to tell your viewers how many XRP you're getting paid by marketers to promote this bs?

  9. I know you do a lot of work on these videos, but I would enjoy them so much more if you slowed down. It's hard to listen to you when you're talking so fast that the words are getting mashed together. I would listen more often if that part was improved.

  10. Could be incorporating Swift gpi as well. Who knows. Hope there is merit to the speculation

  11. Yes UBS was on their website also I seen Bank of America for a short time. They're all in bed with them. Just hiding in the shadows until it's time for the BOOM!

  12. ALL XRP videos are HIGHLY HIGHLY SPECULATIVE. THERE's nothing factual about anything that people on yt say about these theories and fake narratives. XRP people are turning into full satire and BS'ers. xrp people are going FULL RETARD.

  13. It's pretty clear to me XRP prices are being kept low on purpose , artificially , so it can't bring attention to itself to others , until ,
    it , suddenly skyrockets to an unbelievable high.
    So, to all XRP believers , don't lose the faith , it's coming soon !

  14. Or maybe he`s working with the whales to get you sheep to buy xrp , to raise the price and dump to make a profit off you poor sheep . There is a pattern here folks

  15. I've been trying to do an international transfer through Western Union today (Sunday) and it isn't functioning.

  16. If you cant make international payments, maybe bitcoin will go up so those people in those specific corridors can make international payments….

  17. I think it has something to do with Deutsche Bank closing some operations and laying off 18k employees. Insolvent?


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