Meet Julie (1987 cartoon special)

Meet Julie (1987 cartoon special)

Carol is a nine-year-old, with a very special doll given to her by her father.

Carol’s father is the owner of a company that provides security services, and when he gets an assignment to guard an art exhibit at the Louvre, he takes Carol with him. During their transatlantic crossing, Carol falls overboard. She is rescued, but not before the water near her doll is struck by lightening, bringing the doll to life.

Later, when Carol’s father is abducted, along with a priceless collar on display at the Louvre, it’s up to Carol and Julie to join forces and rescue her dad and track down the crooks.



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  1. The two kidnappers after the girl would go on to kidnap Bart Simpson in France in that first season episode…Ha ha.

  2. I actually had the doll that's until my or Aunt her away I was angry when I found out I leaning towards my cousin being who threw it out. It's a shame that this was the only episode because it was pretty good.

  3. i super thank you jen wolford i only seen this special once only one time back in the 80's years ago thank you

  4. 1987: "Julie" is a trademark owned by and used under license from Worlds of Wonder, Inc.

    2007: All American Girl marks, Follow Your Inner Star, Julie, Julie Albright and "Julie" are trademarks of American Girl, LLC.

  5. This was a pretty good cartoon why didn't they make it into a serious I had the d o l l growing up that's until one of my family members threw it away I was so angry

  6. Oh thank goodness, I thought I was the only one who remembered this special.

    Is that Britta Phillips singing the theme? (The woman who sang for "Jem.") Sounds a lot like her.

  7. Boy am I ever glad they don't do stuff like this any more. This must be what cartoon critics mean when they talk about glorified toy commercials because that's all this is.

  8. Omg, I didn't know there was a cartoon of Julie. I still have this Doll, thank you for uploading it. First time seeing this cartoon.

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