Megan Thee Stallion On Sex Talk, Summer Jam, Relationships, & College Life


Megan Thee Stallion On Sex Talk, Summer Jam, Relationships, & College Life

One day after performing on the Summer Jam stage, Megan Thee Stallion steps up to Ebro in the Morning to talk about touching the stage for the first time, the sexual content in her music, whether she is in a relationship, still attending school, being mentored by Q-Tip, and more!

Her latest project ‘Fever’ is available now.

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  1. Looking into her, I had no idea she was from my city Houston too. I have so many frnds I went to school with go to TSU

  2. Everybody hates Ebro. Why does this guy have a job? Every interview, everyone knows the dumb ish is coming from him.

  3. Meghan Thee Stallion…. this women is one of the most inspirational women in middle America she helps to fund and recruit for over 10 food shelters in Harlem!!! She deserves all the respect nation wide ✊✊✊

  4. Yo! After Megan names all of those females. It would be DOPE to see a remake to “Ladies Night”. Put all EGO’s to the side and put out great music.

  5. "The definition of a stallion is a male horse that has not been castrated, or is slang for a powerful and virile man who has a lot of lovers. An example of a stallion is a male stud horse used for breeding."
    – yourdictionary

  6. 0:49 / 0:50 💯 every reaction don’t need a reaction. Only Ignorant people don’t understand.

  7. These interviewers suck, Ebro sounded like he did little to no effort researching about Megan and why are they asking her questions about sex? How does this have anything to do with her rap career? 🤢

  8. We used to say thoroughbred to describe a stacked chick having said that I hate dumb women so I’m content to believe she’s a male horse

  9. People compare to Nicki and cardi because she her style is kinda of a mix of both, cardi is still queen in the club but I really like Megan too

  10. Y’all are weird for asking her so directly about sex she’s not there for that. Her business is private

  11. The hosts on this show are anxiety inducing, there's mad gate keeper energy here and I don't like it. Like I hate that I feel her nervousness. Because on the sway show she was so relaxed.

  12. Love this 👧! College education and talented musician all in one😃Keep rockin' it💝😘

  13. I literally only watched this for her but the interviewers are awful and talk over her. Her raps are not as nasty as too short. Wtf why you compare.

  14. We needed this positive energy in Hip-Hop I'm glad she emerged!!!

    I am glad she is doing it without beefing classy.

  15. In 1873, when the Comstock Act was passed, no amount of restriction, concerning lascivious literature and smut was going to stop Americans from getting their vice. The Comstock Act worked out as well as other forms of American prohibition. Thousands of obscenity trials later, and despite best efforts, puffed-up attorneys generals, watch groups, television preachers, government tools, cranky feminests, scared conservatives and politically correct liberals, America and the world entered the 21st century with pornography of every conceivable quality and subject matter being more easily obtainable than ever before.

  16. I don’t like how she didn’t mention Nic was an OG. I still love you tho 😂 but damn, how old Nicki has to be to become an OG?! I guess legend or goat is good enough 👍🏽

  17. It’s crazy how these nonblack people capitalize on black music and black culture . We are the only people who allow this nonsense.

  18. These bullshit show jocks should work on their interview skills…really. It's like listening to a continuously bad movie on schedule.
    It's all about the guests.

  19. TSU is horrible with class registration. I cried my first year on the floor of the Tiger walk out of frustration because they gave me the run around about class registration. In the end I had to call in a favor from a family friend that had connections.


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