Melody grabs baby again – Poorly baby Carry kidnapped and almost fall looks very dangerous

Melody grabs baby again – Poorly baby Carry kidnapped and almost fall looks very dangerous

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Melody grabs baby again – Poorly baby Carry kidnapped and almost fall looks very dangerous
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Real life of orphan monkey Martin :
His mom Malina gives a birth him about 72 hours she was exhausted and passed away even we are trying send her to see the VET – Martin started to live with care giver about 6 days then His grandma Malida has gives birth too but unfortunately her baby has been passed away because she is takes long time labor .From now 3rd April 2020 we are decided to bring Orphan Martin to live with his grandma Malida and she pick up his grandson happily .Please wait to see about Martin ‘s life with his grandma ?



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  1. ?melody needs to kidnap all the nasty little clingy parasite babies and throw them all from the highest trees, too many of them.

  2. El problema con esta mona (que aparte de mala es linda?) es que trata muy mal a los bebés. Vamos a esperar que salga preñada ( no es que cambia, solo que está mas ocupada cargando a su bebé que no tiene tuempo para divertirse e ir a Disney Jajajajajaja

  3. Aww. My girl Melody. How I adore her. She's the only good Turd tailed Macaque out there. She's so unselfish and giving of her time to babysit all the little ones in that troupe. They are very lucky to have her. Great girl. Love her. Very entertaining also. LMAO. JMO

  4. Idk why y'all dont do something about her. I guess your waiting around for her to kill one of the babies.

  5. You KNOW you could get rid of her in a heart beat if you wanted to but you choose not to because these other monkeys mean NOTHING to you. They are just your paycheck. What do I have to do? Do I have to send you money in order to make you pathetic assholes do the right thing for these monkeys or what? What's it gonna take for you people to stop tormenting all of them and letting the torment go on with this psycho whore? Give her a rat poison banana. ITS THAT FUCKING SIMPLE. You have done it before to steal the newborns so do it again to kill this freak. She is not needed nor wanted and quite frankly she never should have even been able to breathe one ounce of air. Kind of like you people.

  6. You people not doing anything about this psychotic nut job just prove you dont care even one bit about these monkeys. If you cared, you would get rid of her ass for the benefit and sake of all the baby monkeys in that troupe. But she makes you to much money right??? Cant get rid of your star actress. I'm done watching. I cant do it anymore. You guys are so sadistic and cruel that it literally makes me want to take every dime I have just to fly out there, find you and chop all of your fucking balls off. Well, what little balls you have anyways. I dont even think your balls have dropped at this point because yall arent much of men..

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