MELTY EXPLAINED – The Rising of the Shield Hero

MELTY EXPLAINED – The Rising of the Shield Hero

Melty Melromarc from The Rising of the Shield Hero, is an adorable girl and wholesome companion for Filo. But just like her corrupt sister Myne, there’s more to this princess than meets the eye. Melty is not only the first in line for the throne, she’s also on a mission. Today we discuss Melty’s purpose in the Rising of the Shield Hero, everything from her befriending Naofumi and gaining his trust, to her understanding the divide between humans and demi-humans, and explore what lessons Melty serves for Naofumi, Filo, Raphtalia, and the rest of Melromarc.

Let me know what you think in the comments! What will Melty’s hardest mission be?

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  1. Her hardest mission will be to try and get her mother to stop trying to hook her up with Naofumi in a political marriage (when she's come of age of course).

  2. Is there a reason for the cult to hate the Shield? Maybe it had to do with the previous Shield Heroes known for being friendly to Demi-Humans that the kingdom looked down on?

  3. honestly, my problem with melromarc at this point is literally just this: the shield hero is the devil right? but we never really see any actual things depicting that, snakes are demonized in many religions due to one of Lucifer's primary forms being a snake, Tridents are associated with evil because that's what the devil uses to torture sinners, but shields in melromarc? nothing, nadda zilch, I'm honestly expecting this country to just not use shields for their soldiers due to how hated they are, and I'm surprised blacksmiths craft them, I'd expect a blacksmith making a shield to either be a sign he's working with the devil, or he's a worshipper or that said smith was going to fail as a business, there doesn't seem to be any cultural ripples from this hatred of the shield

  4. What would have happened if Malty had gone through vegeta’s Buu saga arc? Like if she was placed under a slave crest and overpowered it but gain power by seeking out someone evil such as a remnant of the three hero’s church? Would she be anti-hero? Or would she become villainous to the point where she would turn on her own Family not just melty but like Mirellia and Aultcray and even Motoyasue.

  5. Not everyone likes a good little sister character
    But Melty's an exception considering her sister is such a bitch

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