Men looking at naked women in Sweden – Patriarchy to blame (LOL)

Men looking at naked women in Sweden – Patriarchy to blame (LOL)

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Men looking at naked women in Sweden – Patriarchy to blame (LOL). Regards, ?


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  1. Ironically I see constant uninhibited nudity as a positive step forward. Everywhere all the time the fatties uggos elderly and all the pretty people should all them/us be naked. It would demystify the whole issue and then maybe we could all move on and worry about worm holes and other means of galactic conquest.

  2. Not wierd that this happened. It's in sweden?(It's an tradition here in Norway to make fun of our "smart" neighbors in Sweden)

  3. Firstly, Aftonbladet can roughly be translated to afton = evening, bladet = paper.

    Secondly, next year they are gonna be serving beer and selling tickets aswell as installing poles to lean against if the women get a bit dissoriented, or even use for training.

    Now, jokes aside.

    I can only speak for myself, but I would not go to that bathhouse that day, knowing what any rational person would, that it would be a disaster.
    It's easy to complain about the men, when they are not the cause of it all. I will go read about it now, in swedish, to see if anything worse than looking happened.

    Edit: Now after reading I learned it's the first monday of every month, that lecturer said that any sane person could see this outcome and came to the conclusion that maybe having new locker rooms would have been smarter.
    And apparently there was a brochure with rules including not giving unwelcome gazes… Was more in the article but this post is already long.

  4. Men going into women's lockers in a bath house when it was declared that for a day, people could use whichever locker they wanted?
    No really, I never would have guessed.

  5. To say that men objectify women makes no perfect sense. Humans are not sexually attracted to objects, naturally. When men find something sexually attractive they don't immediately think "oh look it's like my pillow from my puberty years that I used to get off regularly". As harsh as it is, when men look they just think you're really attractive and really sexy. Of course, there are differing circumstances where one involves assault and another harassment.

  6. I said it a long time ago when this all started, "back in high school I would gladly have dressed like a girl to get into the girl locker room." Guess I am not the only one. lol

  7. You gonna walk around with your tits out, I'm gonna look. That's why you're doing it, right, to get people to notice you? Damn people are getting dumber by the day.

  8. Didn't Bruce Jenner said u can be trans even if u don't do the transformation…how come they knew the men wasn't trans isn't that sexist…I thought u can't judge people on thier looks

  9. You know down I Houston Tx of all places there was a transgender bathroom bill… And the people said no because this is exactly what would happen.

  10. Queer day fuck off ! Will never acknowledge it. Jeanette do yourself a favour and off yourself fucktard.

  11. I'm surprised the Muslims in Malmo didn't get in on the act! They've screwed up the city, along with big chunks of Sweden, they must be kicking themselves for missing this freebie! These daft feminists……. what a waste of University Educations. I wonder what their parents think.

  12. If you don't understand why change rooms have different signs on the door, you don't understand why change rooms have walls

  13. men ogling at naked women? what on earth is wrong with the world these days! youd have thought we would have resorted to our God-given homosexual urges. those bloody heterosexuals – what with all their breeding and filling the earth with bloody children. ugh. its all so disgusting!

  14. WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH WOAH! Did anybody else not catch that little gem of irony when they said the place was teaming with MEN, and not transgender ones. Way to call transgender people men feminists. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

  15. I always liked to say "I'm a lesbian woman trapped in a male body" – I am quite feminine, after all~ And sometimes, it feels like I am treated more like a woman than a man, especially from other women. And I didn't need to vehemently insist on being treated that way or even mention it – heck, it just happens naturally.

    Nowadays, that little "quirk" of mine has a whole new meaning o.O
    However, it does help a lot in arguing with those little fucks. Arguments may not count for them, but I am the type of person they struggle against.

  16. These queer femtard fucks keep blabbing on about how we are all literally the same then complain that someone isn't the same lol

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