MHA best girl edits 👑


MHA best girl edits 👑

We don’t own any of the songs played throughout the video (:

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  2. my best girl is hatsume mei. underrated babie needs more screen time 😭💓💘💞💘

  3. My opinion on most MHA girls 💯

    X tier/ MY LIFE 💕❤️😍: Jirou, Tsuyu, Toga, Mina, Mitsuki

    S tier/Bester girls 😍😩🤤: Inko, Fuyumi, recovery girl, Toru, Mika

    A tier/Best girls 🥰😋☺️: Pony, Mei, Momo, Nemuri, Eri, Reiko, Tatami, Mika, itsuka, Rumi

    B tier/Okay girls 😁🙂😝: Mt.Lady, Ms joke, Mandalay, Pixie bob, Saiko, Mei, Manami, beru, habuko, seiko, setsuna

    C tier/ meh girls 🙄😑😕: Nana, Camie, Ibara, Kinoko, Sirius, Yui, Habuko, nejire, bubble girl, Kashiko, Ochaco, ragdoll

    D tier/Irrelevant girls 🤢😒💩: cowlady, Uwabami, Tatami, Bibimi

    (And please no hate as I said it’s just my opinion if you disagree do it politely and please no “no one cares” comments, and as I said it’s my opinion)

  4. Is it just me or transformers prime Soundwave and momo yaoyoruzu have a lot in common.i ship them


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