Mha reacts to bad child. Read description.


Mha reacts to bad child. Read description.

Please stop hating. If you don’t like my content leave. Thank you to all my subscribers! I hope you guys like the video. Part 4 of the reaction video series will be out this weekend.
The songs used are-
Victorious by panic! at the disco
Boy in the bubble by alec benjamin
Dont give up on me by andy grammar
Bad child by tones and I




  1. Hey everyone so I won’t be able to post due to the fact that I got grounded so please be patient and please try not to comment quite as much. You can still comment but try to only comment something once. You can reply to someone else’s comment but try to not comment more than once. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. May I please have a shoutout I have never had one? I love your ships and im very sorry for people hating on your video's

  3. i don't agree with all the ships but I can still find his entertaining. keep up the GREAT work! 🙂

  4. Hey ! It's really good ! Sowwy could'nt answer earlier ! I was sleeping ! -u-'
    Wait anyelse .one ?!?!!
    Plus on your chanel ! You just give love and peace ! How Can They just think a hate thing !
    Love you lil'Blue , your content is really good and you Know how to Handle this ! I'm certain ! ❤️🥰

  5. I'm a little late but, I absolutely love the video! Keep doing great hunny! ❤️

  6. I live in the uk and idk where you live but if you live in the uk you were up at two to ? Lol

  7. Sometimes I don’t understand why people be hating on my cinnamon roll, LIKE SHE WORKIN SO HARD TO GIVE YOU STUFF TO ENJOY, AND SOME PEOPLE SITTING THERE, FREAKING YELLING OUT CRAP NO ONE WANTS TO HEAR, AND IM LIKE, DID UR PARENTS NOT LOVE U, LIKE THATS NOT HER FAULT. God some people get me mad, sorry if I went hardcore .-.

  8. Haters going to hate but this video is good and keep up the good work because it’s awesome and I think you should make them react to todoroki past but that’s just me but do whatever you want.

  9. Man screw haters I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOUR VIDIOS THATS WHY IM SUBSCRIBED! Keep up the amazing work gurl


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