Mia Malkova and Riley Reid Livestreaming on Twitch!

Mia Malkova and Riley Reid Livestreaming on Twitch!

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  1. I'm just thinking out loud here but would it be possible for you to create a segment on your twitch channel to do collaborations with other adult performers in the industry? Have your viewers ask questions, they answer them, joke around in-between and bring a fresh perspective to the industry as a whole. I've always dreamed of doing interviews with adult performers because they really are some of the most down to earth people you see online these days. Anyways, it's just a thought. Keep up the good work Miss Malkova.

  2. Not even lying, I was gonna comment on how that scene at the end is one of my all time faves… you two are so hot together, mad jealous!

  3. Not to sound like an ass or something but i kinda forgot you two and others are all just normal humans too. It's good and refreshing to see. I mean this in a positive way

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