Michelle Jenneke's Sexy Warm Up Dance, Olympic Hurdler

Michelle Jenneke's Sexy Warm Up Dance, Olympic Hurdler

Nineteen year old Michelle Jenneke representing Australia in the 100 meter hurdles during the 2012 World Junior Championships in Barcelona…with interpretive dance.

No Gay Boys boys boys song, a much better song in



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  1. these vids are hilarious, I mean the underlying sense of humour and the impending sense of desperation within the comments. It's okay to laugh a little/be at your own frantically suppressed/unexpressed emotional dissociation/disappointment. What's Good. . . .

  2. Most guys like the "dance" for obvious reasons. I've seen a few negative comments for different videos just like this one. I don't think her warm-up is particularly gratuitous. She shakes her legs and hips out, shakes her arms out. I suppose she shakes her fingers out, but the jazz hands does look a bit gratuitous. Every move basically seems to serve a purpose, she isn't doing club dancing moves or anything inappropriate. I wish she would do more haha.

  3. I really feel like she's one of the sexiest women in the entire universe. she absolutely loves showing off and being watched with that big beautiful smile on her face

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