Mick Foley reads Chyna her fan mail!

Mick Foley reads Chyna her fan mail!

Hear alot of Chyna fans say they wish she could of heard some of the wonderful things that were said about her… Well Mick Foley had that opportunity to tell her after he tweeted out a photo of them hanging out watching the Money In The Bank PPV in June of 2015… 1000’s of fans responded, and Mick read Joanie some of their thoughts!!

Filmed and edited by Rob Potylo



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  1. She was the best female wrestler ever in Every wrestling game i buy i allways build her or download her becuse she is allways surpose to be in a wwe game

  2. Chyna will always be my all time favorite.I'm so thankful she is getting into the Hall of fame she deserves this.She will be forever missed.She will always be a badass in my book.

  3. 2 worthy WWE HoFers. 2 people who changed the course of wrestling. Thank you Rob for posting. This brightened my day so much. You are doing a magnificent job keeping her memory alive for us her loyal fans. Stay strong, stay awesome.

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