Microblading my eyebrows!

Microblading my eyebrows!

In this video I will show you guys how I microblade (tattoo) my eyebrows and everything involving the procedure for your convenience! I will link all the products I have bought and used from amazon down below. Thank you for watching..



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  1. You are so funny. I’m exactly like you. Finished medical school and went into ER. I’m also kind of into procedures, so this is right up my alley. Thanks!! What have you decided to do?

  2. Not sure why when I wipe the ink off. Not every ink comes off the skin. I wonder why! Like it stains the whole eye brow lol. I only want the cut to have ink. Any tips?? Can I put ointment cream on it immediately to remove some ink stain or will it ruin it??

  3. I'm glad to see you didn't make your eyebrows like Bert and Ernie.the big square eyebrow is only going to be a fad for a short while. The way you did your eyebrows is a timeless shape. That way it will not go out of style. I am not a fan of the big square eyebrow shape in the center. It looks to blocky and and not very feminine. You did a good job on shaping. It's ok to shower, the skin will shed naturally. You want to be careful drying your face with towel. Pat dry so not to remove the scabbing. The scabs have to shed on there own. That is crucial in the process of healing, and having a good end result. Maybe get some gloves and sanitize tools with alcohol after cleaning with your antimicrobial solution, Dial soap is what I assume you're using. Which is a good product.

  4. you did a good job……but………..women are F*#king crazy! We are! literally cutting skin than putting stain in the cuts for eyebrows!!!! We inject, tattoo, glue on just about everything. We are so fake. ugh.

  5. This was just what I spent 2 hours looking for!! Had my eyebrows microbladed for the first time in October. Touch-up in September, and now I want another touch-up & you have made this affordable for this 72 yr old gal!! Always have done my own hair & makeup & got to thinking I could do this myself. Thanks for listing the amazon products!! I wanted to do this while I still have my eyebrow shape, then work on my body shape, lol!! It has been so hot in S FL, I think being an outside gal, with the heat and humidity, has melted them off a bit!! Will let you know how they turn out, but I am already smiling!! Thank you so much, Johnie

  6. Wow, you did great. Please next time make sure you stretch your skin as you cut the strokes with the help of your other hand.

  7. None of this looks clean, this is so uncomfortable. Please go to a professional who knows what they are doing! Your brows will come out way more symmetrical ?

  8. About how hard are you pressing with your strokes? Not sure how to explain pressure, but figured I’d ask! Lol

  9. How painful was this on a scale of 1 to 10 and how much pressure do you have to apply? It looks like you used a lot of pressure. And how much did all of the materials cost?

  10. Thank you for this video I liked it because I am thinking in doing mine, I already got my kit from EBay, people say !! oh no don't do that, go to a professional and bla bla bla, because this is a big business and they want to make money.. So if you are very careful and clean you can do it, i can't afford it so I am doing mine.

  11. OH MY GOD….. you need to stretch the skin, sanitation, so many things wrong here! I understand it is your skin that you are working on , but cross contamination is so real with everything not just human on human! I certainly hope everyone watching goes to a certified microblading specialist for their brows. 80% of my clients come in getting something corrected that someone else did wrong. Not trying to be negative at all, I just hope people do not think this is ok to do.

  12. This gives me some hope. There is just no way I can afford microblading but I know I can handle it but dont wanna look awful haha

  13. If you do it regularly, it proves that it works well and that it's worth it because your eyebrows remain splendid
    It is really encouraging, Great

  14. Dont do this at home! As a microblading artist:
    1- Stretching the skin is very important to get the crisp, hair like strokes. 
    2-How much pressure determine how the strokes will look after healing and this takes training and experience.
    3- This is unsanitary.
    4-There are steps and measurements we take to achieve symmetry. No eyeballing ;/
    5-People are trained for years to get good and this is something semi permanent and on your face! Arghhhhhhhhh

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