MLP: FiM "Applebuck Season" Episode Review

MLP: FiM "Applebuck Season" Episode Review

Ha ha ha Applejack is so out of it. Who’s Applejack again?



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  1. 4:07. Science lesson for the day..
    Equines can't throw up… They will literally die if they have to try.

  2. I think this is a pretty good episode. Not great, but still pretty solid. I like some of the jokes revolving around how tired Applejack is and how she manages to screw up things in new different ways, the moral is pretty good, and I feel like this episode so far can have a higher replay value than the last few episodes. While the other episodes like Ticket Master and Friendship is Magic are fine episodes, when I watch them more and more, I see more and more problems and I unfortunately enjoy them less. While I'll admit the more I watch this episode, the less I enjoy it and the more flaws I saw in it, but it didn't hurt the episode like it did for those other episodes for me and I still really enjoy the episode even today.
    My rating for this episode:
    3 out of 5 Stars
    It almost got a 4 if it wasn't for some of the issues I had with the episode that was pointed out in the review. Still would recommend it.

  3. Ultra Fast Pony has better transitions, and the only transitions Wacarb actually uses is 14 Hours Later and Meanwhile at Other Places!

  4. Okay, I find it hard to believe that Big Mac hurts himself seeing as though one episode he basically dragged someones house across the whole town.

  5. I can tell that Apple Jack is drunk. She must have drunk too much cider again. And I thought Berry was an alcoholic

  6. Why is it that bad episodes end up only being funny because you laugh at what the writers put in a finished product

  7. I like this episode. It involves one of my two favorite mane 6 (Applejack and Rarity) and there's a good lesson in the episode. 7/10

  8. That play on words and that cut scene to wacko nearly made me pee my pants in laughter. Your entertaining reviews of MLP has really piqued my curiosity in the series. I just might have to go ahead and give it a look.

  9. …Applejack looked… trippy. I'm sorry, okay? It just… I mean, look at that!
    Ooo-ooh! Or at least drunk.

  10. Hey, Derpy was in the background of this episode and her eyes were perfectly aligned. Does that mean she was brain damaged at some point?

  11. I have a similar problem to the one Apple Jack has in this episode. I am more than willing to help other people if they ask me to, but when I need help, I find it very hard to ask. It's something I've had a problem with for a very long time and I still struggle with it to this day. I'm not against receiving help, I just have trouble asking for it. 

  12. This was the first episode of MLP FIM that I actually watched on TV! Waaaaay back on November 4th 2011! After seeing many YTP clips of ponies, I became curious as to why so many people loved it! It was a show aimed at girls, after all! I decided to tune in to this on Boomerang, and BOOM! I instantaneously became attached to the show! I would like to thank this episode for making me the brony that I am today! 🙂

  13. The sickroom joke worked for me personally because something like that actually happened to me when I was a kid. BTW, never accept free juice from the lunch ladies.

  14. Going through these reviews, an idea came to me. Could Big Mac's injury have had anything to do with the Granny's Girdle incident Ticket Master was leading up to? If it was, then I think I can understand Applejack's reluctance to ask for help, given her part in it.

  15. I seriously don't understand how the bunny stampede couldn't be avoided. If Applejack could just understand that she's not an expert in herding rabbits, this would've never happened.

  16. I don't see what was so wrong with seeing sick ponies. It wasn't dwelt upon for long, and was basically just another instance showing that Applejack was exhausted to a dangerous degree.

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