MLP FiM – "Celestia's Ballad" – Multi Language


MLP FiM – "Celestia's Ballad" – Multi Language

Again, without original, but I guess everyone remembers how english version sounded.
Part 1: 0:00 BR/PRT 0:27 Finnish 0:51 Spanish, Part 2: 1:09 French 1:32 Russian 1:56 Romanian, Part 3: 2:16 Dutch 2:39 Polish 3:03 Latino, Part 4: 3:22 Hungarian 3:45 German 4:08 Italian

According to the newest, ongoing poll on For Glorious Equestria(polish version of EQD – “Celestia Ballad” is the best song in PL version of MLP:FiM. And it’s not a big suprise. This song is great in Polish version(our Celestia has a different VA, for this song), and of course….well, better than original. Other versions? Again, nice song perfomance in Spanish version. I really reccomend to listen full version. I like Finnish and Hungarian version too.

Also, I think it’s time to slowly make another TOP10, with foreign S3 songs. Hard choices…and funny that my probably, most favorite foreign S3 song, still didn’t appear in my dub comparisons.

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