MLP FiM – "Morning in Ponyville" – Multi Language


MLP FiM – "Morning in Ponyville" – Multi Language

0:00 German 0:22 Latino 0:39 Slovene (poor quality) 0:52 Hungarian 1:07 Romanian 1:24 Italian 1:37 Czech 1:52 Polish 2:09 French 2:22 Rusian 2:37 BR/PRT 2:54 Dutch 3:07 Swedish 3:22 Finnish 3:39 Spanish

Another song from Seaon 3 finale. This time we have also Czech version. Some time ago, S3 debuted in Czech Republic, but I watched only songs, not full episodes. If we talking about songs from this versions… It’s not so bad like in previous seasons. Still some voices are awful, but for example, we have a new VA for Twilight in songs. You can hear her voice in this dub comparison.

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