MLP:FiM Remix: 16-Bit Season 1 Medley

MLP:FiM Remix: 16-Bit Season 1 Medley

I was trying to think of something to do as a “send-off” for Season 1 before Season 2 starts and I came up with, well, this! It’s a Genesis-style 16 bit medley mix of several of the songs from Season 1. Basically I tried to make it similar to the credits medleys at the end of the Sonic the Hedgehog games for Genesis. It doesn’t contain every song, but it has a least a bit from most of them. Hope you like it!

This was made in FL studio using primarily the VOPM VST plugin, which emulates the Sega Genesis’ YM2612 sound chip. The DAC drum samples are from Sonic 3. Technically I “cheated” a tiny bit by adding delay effects (though on the actual Genesis you could simulate delay by repeating notes with lower velocity), but for the most part all the sounds are authentic Sega genesis sounds.




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  1. Nnnngh I just found this digging through my favorites and just… the memories.  The Season 1-2 hiatus almost over, the hype building, everything feeling just right, and then finding this awesome little throwback to all of season 1 <3  Good times

  2. rarity could stun enimies with whining and use weak projectiles, applejack could have strong kick attacks and go fast and pinkie pie could use strange attacks and after beating enough enimies use the party cannon

  3. if i were to make it (probably will when i learn how from professionals at uni) there would be 2 stages for each of the mane 6, then a final battle with a changling, each one with there own theme, complication, and final boss, each of the mane 6 would have slight yet drastic differences in gameplay styles, rainbow dash would have a glide, faster moving and a double jump, twilight would be able to shoot projectiles, and get power ups, fluttershy could glide and team up with animals,

  4. but it would probably come out bad, i don't want that to happen, so i will have to wait, there are already bad pony games out there and i don't want to join the club with a bad pony game

  5. i might actually try to make one when i figure out how to make some games, sadly, i have got a couple years before i spend college and uni on a video game degree

  6. The credits to this game were so good! I must admit, the first battle of the game with Nightmare Moon was spectacular.

  7. He's the guy who's part of the game company "Valve", who made games like "Left 4 Dead 2", "Team Fortress" and the critically acclaimed "Half-Life" series. c:

  8. Uhhhh The SEGA Nomad is a Portable SEGA Genesis

    so All Genesis Cartidges will work with the Nomad.

    Even Japanese Games.

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