My discord account got hacked


My discord account got hacked

Here is her channel link:

She also hacked my ibf but she got her account back.


And im really sorry I wasn’t posting, I Just toke a tiny break.

And if ur reading this, sunny.

I thought you were a good friend. You really disgust me. Why would you hack someone’s account? It just proves, you dont care about people. The massage I sent you, was NOT me. But it was true. Your just a big fat liar! You were being so nice that I didnt want to break our friendship! But you HACKED Sybil’s account! And you said that you hacked her cause of me! Why would you lie behind my back like that? If ypu havent done thar, I still would have been your friend! I was also defending you, no wonder why. Good job for the things you Have done 🙂

Also atleast I had a alt account




  1. It’s a girl called sunny she’s a fake friend and only uses you for you discord acc if you know her and friends with her…BLOCK AND UNFRIEND HER IMMEDIATELY!!

  2. watch this vid now this person is so rude about u for noothing ( also read my comment if u want) not to hate u dont deserve that hate i just wanna see if u wanted to watch it


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