My Hero Academia Chapter 127 Review – Clash of the Fanboys

My Hero Academia Chapter 127 Review – Clash of the Fanboys

Boku no Hero Academia manga chapter 127 review, Sir Nighteye, Izuku Midoriya, Mirio Togata, and All Might.
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  1. Freaking loved Deku in this. So often in this kind of situation The person would just crack. Give up asking "am I worth it?" "am I the right person?". think that sb else better should have their place. Not Izuku. He is pass that now just goes. . "He chose me & I will show you he was right!" just… Fuck yeah xD

  2. good chapter
    have you thought about talking about new series?
    i know a while ago, you said you were only going to talk about a few series and leave it at that

  3. I feel like when he said that there's someone more deserving of one for all, he was talking about himself in addition to Mirio. I feel there is definitely some jealously there. Also, maybe the whole humor thing he has going on is something All Might taught him about being a hero. That's why it doesn't seem like it matches his personality. He did mention All Might's strengths were his power and his humor.

  4. what if he stamp the desk repeatedly to get the ink off the stamp then when izuku tries to stamp the paper it doesn't show up, and he did it just to troll him.

  5. The FA translation makes it seem that the fall out between him and All Might was over Izuku being chosen, and not Mirio.

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