My Hero Academia Episode 63 Review – Mirio Togata's Naked Justice & Season 4 Coming Soon!

My Hero Academia Episode 63 Review – Mirio Togata's Naked Justice & Season 4 Coming Soon!

Mirio Togata challenges all of the students of class 1-A to an epic battle and it does not disappoint. Overhaul comes face to face with the league of villains and it …

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  1. The episode basically teases us two incredibly OP characters, one on each side. Mirio and Overhaul, both who are impossibly powerful, and quote opposite of each other in every way.

  2. BROOOOOOO, Season 4 is gonna be SUPER-HYPE!!! Not gonna spoil anything, but just know, next Arc is the Arc where Deku finally steps up as his own man & acts on his own volition as a true licensed hero, not really under guidance of anyone else like All Might or any other teachers.

  3. The show really tries hard to make the villains seem intimidating despite their lack of anything remotely resembling a "win" aside from indirectly making All Might retire. I hope the villains next season finally start to step it up.

  4. If Mirio trained hard enough, he could keep the soles of his feet solid and just have attacks passed by him.

  5. Mirio is a boss, expect a lot more of him next season, ☺. My guess it will be back in the Spring as always. All Might's side kick who's name I won't divulge for anime only viewers is pretty cool and pretty hilarious. Big 3 all having unique personalities definitely all interesting characters.

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