N.H.K Ni Youkoso ! OST – Hitori bocchi

N.H.K Ni Youkoso ! OST – Hitori bocchi

NHK Ni Youkoso soundtrack

Pearl Kyoudai – Hitori Bocchi



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  1. Every time I want to re-watch this I just have to stop. Somehow it's painful to watch because it's too accurate.

  2. Лучшее аниме про хикк, не грустите, я с вами)

    best anime about hikikomori. Do not be sad, I'm with you)

  3. This show gave me something I desperately need: fear
    It's so easy for me to feel comfortable and content living similarly to Sato, but at the end of the day, it all feels meaningless. This show let me see how bad it gets. And it gets god-awful. And once you become aware of just how empty your life gets, you never want it again. It scares the shit out of me. Every day you want to escape or die.
    Years of my life largely wasted on mainly video games… Some other stuff too. I've come out of the cave blinded by the world around me. I don't know who I am or what I want. Friends and family have moved away, had kids, died. Countless opportunities wasted because I could always just play in my room and not have to worry about meals, laundry, rent… It was always a choice…
    I like to think I've escaped that escapist lifestyle, but honestly I've relapsed back into it. I need to just put myself out there and take care of things all by myself.
    Sadness, anger, and fear are all tools just as happiness, excitement, and confidence. Negative emotions are there to tell you to change things. If we choose to use them, we can make a more meaningful existence. Just have to keep moving forward..
    Bit of rambling. Good luck to anyone else out there trying to make things better. This show doesn't really give us the answers. It just lets us know that you have to look for them..
    You're not alone!

  4. I wish the word wasn’t a cruel place. I wish everyone could’ve been accepted without ever feeling the necessity of trying to “fit in”. But as the world really is, there are those who follow, and those who will be forever considered an outcast. There is no other way. It’s either you become the horde, or you’re destined to be titled an outcast. Through this anime, I really learned myself. I learned that I want to be different, but no matter how hard I try, society still gets me. That, in itself, is the predicament that all of us have to go through. The only way to escape, is to fully outcast yourself and forever be in your own “world”.

  5. Enjoy the romaji lyric

    Yume no TENTO uragaesu you ni
    Shiawasena jikan moyou jimi ni kaete
    Kami ga kuchite kibamu no to onaji
    Boku no kotoba wa MASHIN no naka de kooru

    Mugon no kuukan o daite
    Kabe o tataite wa mogaku yo
    Daiji na serifu nani mo ienai mama

    makkura hoshizora o daite
    hate no nai uchuu e
    youkoso hitori bocchi
    hitori bocchi… hitori bocchi

    umi no soko ni oriteiku machi de
    kimi no egao wa midori no kage e kieru
    koukai dake ga hanashi kakete kuru
    OSERO no you ni hikari o tsubushi nagara

    Mugen no shoushin ni afure
    Kuchi mo mimi mo me mo kouzui
    Kirinai MEDIA nou ni suikonde wa

    Nakushita juuryoku no sei de
    Ukabidashita dekunobou
    youkoso hitori bocchi
    hitori bocchi… hitori bocchi

  6. 32 years old, still lonelly and depressed, but i don't give up, maybe i'll find this comment years in the future and think "yep, still the same" but who knows… who knows

  7. ね佐藤君、寂しくないプリン?
    Hey Sato, aren't you lonely?

    No, I'm not.

    Are you sure?… are you sure?

    Of course I am!

  8. i love how all the recent comments are depressing af and we are all depressed af, even after all these years.

  9. I've been listening to this song for years now, things never got much better but my love for this song is still there. Still brings me to tears some nights. It really puts the drowning feeling of loneliness into such perfect musical form.

  10. Everyone seems to be depressed listing to this song, and thinking of this show… I feel odd for thinking it sounds relaxing and hopeful, I feel it and NHK and general are about change and how change brings both good and bad things. It's about missing times you never thought would end. It's about being nastalgic for a childhood you didn't realize had ended. It's about growth, and moving forward though the good times and the bad, just experiencing life and all it has to offer, up and down… Idk maybe I'm wrong tho.

  11. My name is Hitori Bocchi. My favorite food is rice with natto. I prefer my natto finely crushed. I'm the type that who saves the mustard that comes with it, so it's not wasted.

  12. This show has come back to haunt me. I first watched it back in high school, and while I found it to be an extremely interesting series, it didn't mean too much to me. It's impossible for me to say that now.

    My parents had me when they were too young to properly raise a child (I'm pretty sure my dad wanted to give me up for adoption, but my mom insisted that she would keep me). Problem is, they were both university students that knew jack shit about the world and how to navigate it. I couldn't be taught any useful life lessons from them because of my existence. My existence caused whatever their current life plans were to crumble. It wasn't too long after I was born that they broke up. I've mostly got to stay with my mother, but I have seen my father on a very regular basis.

    Schools rarely teach students things that will actually set you up for adult life. I didn't learn the things my parents couldn't teach me, because they barely knew how to live in the adult world. I was a good student until the end of high school. The vast majority of my grades were very positive except for a few classes. I had a girlfriend for about a month when I was 15. It didn't take long for her to break up with me, and looking back, that was a blessing in disguise honestly. I didn't think I'd look for any more relationships during high school, but that wouldn't stay the case.

    I ended up meeting someone that I would fall madly in love with. I found myself wanting nothing more in life than to be with them no matter what. Near the end of high school, my cat got a nasty tumor and had to be put down because of it. I felt dead inside. To cheer myself up, I finally decided to muster up the courage to confess to this girl I had fallen so madly in love with. It turns out some guy beat me to it, but she promised me that if nothing came of their relationship, she would go out with me.

    I wanted to feel happy that I finally escaped the tedious cycle that is mandatory education, but I never felt so dead inside in my entire life before. Summer came and went like nothing really happened. It was off to university for me after that, which is one of the stupidest choices I could make. I really shouldn't have gone to university.

    When I got to one of my university classes, I discovered that I shared a class with the girl I had such strong feelings for. We started talking again as if nothing dramatic had happened. I found out that her relationship with that guy ended before it could even really begin. However, things would not turn out the way I would want them to. I discovered that she was, to put in very simple terms, asexual (More specifically bisexual, but she was grossed out by the idea of getting intimate with anyone, meaning she had barely any interest in romantic relationships). I didn't feel too bad though, because I was just happy to talk to her and have her in my life again I guess. It would still prove to be an extreme emotional stress for me though, and going to campus started to make me feel lonely and dreadful. My studies started to suffer, and my grades just got worse and worse. I failed 75% of my courses the last couple of semesters, and I just didn't want to continue on with it anymore.

    This past summer I told myself that I would find a job instead and work on paying back my student debt. While I was trying, I had lazy habits and would just give up on life sometimes. I found myself starting to live out the NEET life style featured in this show. It hurts. I started to find it hard to see myself as anything other than an embarrassing failure of a human being. It doesn't help that I was being surrounded by pain. One of my best friends turned towards all kinds of drugs to deal with his depression, and needless to say, it's left me very worried about him. I'm stuck in a small apartment with my emotionally unstable mother and I want out desperately, but it isn't that easy. I basically live in poverty now and my social life doesn't exist much outside of Discord, which is shameful to say the least. My dad got a job in another province (I'm Canadian) and has to leave with his wife and his new daughter. I could come along, but there are people I care too much about where I live right now.

    There's one bit of hope though: I just recently got a part time job at as a cook at a restaurant. It's only six hours a week, but they will train me and it might turn into something more. Sorry, I initially didn't intend to tell an abridged version of my life's story. I guess I just needed to type this out somewhere. In the end, what I want in life is fairly traditional and would seemingly come across as simple to so many people. I just want to make video games and raise a loving family some day, is that too much to ask for out of life? I guess it is.

  13. If you’re here for the same reason as me, just remember that it’s ok to feel this way and it does get better.

  14. I watched this before I watched Eva years later as an adult. It's a good edgy song for a teenager I believe..

  15. English Translation
    Yume no TENTO uragaesu you ni 
    Shiawasena jikan moyou jimi ni kaete 
    Kami ga kuchite kibamu no to onaji 
    Boku no kotoba wa MASHIN no naka de kooru 

    like my dreams are a tent I'm turning inside out 
    the pattern made of happier times becomes plain and boring again 
    just like paper rots and turns yellow 
    all my words freeze up inside this machine

    Mugon no kuukan o daite  
    Kabe o tataite wa mogaku yo
    Daiji na serifu nani mo ienai mama

    knock knock knock 
    embracing a silent space, 
    hitting the walls uselessly, 
    leaving everything unsaid

    makkura hoshizora o daite 
    hate no nai uchuu e
    youkoso hitori bocchi 
    hitori bocchi… hitori bocchi

    knock knock knock 
    embracing the pitch black night sky, 
    traveling into the boundless universe… 
    welcome to loneliness 
    loneliness… loneliness

    umi no soko ni oriteiku machi de 
    kimi no egao wa midori no kage e kieru 
    koukai dake ga hanashi kakete kuru 
    OSERO no you ni hikari o tsubushi nagara

    at the city left at the bottom of the sea 
    your smile disappears into a green shadow 
    you speak to me only of regrets 
    like Othello, while breaking up light

    Mugen no shoushin ni afure 
    Kuchi mo mimi mo me mo kouzui 
    Kirinai MEDIA nou ni suikonde wa

    knock knock knock 
    overflowing with the heartbreak of our fantasies 
    a flood in my mouth and ears and eyes; 
    the all-pervasive media is soaked up by my brain

    Nakushita juuryoku no sei de 
    Ukabidashita dekunobou 
    youkoso hitori bocchi 
    hitori bocchi… hitori bocchi

    knock knock knock 
    because of the loss of gravity 
    I realize my empty uselessness… 
    welcome to loneliness 
    loneliness… loneliness

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