Naked women of Manikaran – Mahek Jangda | Storytelling | Tape A Tale

Naked women of Manikaran – Mahek Jangda | Storytelling | Tape A Tale

This women’s day we bring a very special story your way. Mahek travelled to Himachal a few months ago and came across this place called Manikaran. Little did she know it will be a life changing experience for her. Can you imagine sitting completely naked with 6 strangers and feeling free and safe? Listen to this magical tale and redefine the meaning of your body for yourself.

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  1. This story was a very needed one…thank you so much….for girls like me…who are so conscious of our bodies, this story really uplifted my thoughts. Thank you

  2. please its a request that please click this #maniktrehan or the PIC and give me feedback to my videos I want to improve and you guys can help me.

  3. ??The feel in her eyes is intensely pure that it's just a body the body who exist man so beautiful ??

  4. Good?Mahek, change the heading- naked women of Manikaran.
    Manikaren sahib is religious place of lord Shiva and parvati and Guru Nanak.

  5. Yes, though women were suppressed in our tradition, they were also respected for what they are and had an identity of a women. But now changing world and overdependency on equality and modernity and independency have only made women an item though they were expecting equality and respect. And mainly I feel if women has to get the respect of what they are how nature has created them then women themselves first has to respect each other than gaining respect from men first. Only if men know that every women respects each other, will they learn to respect any women irrespective of their colour, modernity, education, dress etc. But how will that happen, when women folk themselves do not respect each other like working women thinking of housewives as uneducated and housewives having a disrespecting view that all women who work and earn. And I would not blame men for disrespecting women when 75% of the Universe especially Indians has the mindset that fair, slim, stylish women are beautiful and actual representation of identity of women and hence everywhere you will find only this type of women photographed and made to look sexy which is what enters the mind of men. Now the only difference being that apart from looking modern, stylish, education and position has been added to a women's feather cap. Why is Indian women only considered smart especially in interviews if they wear modern dress. Why doesn't the Corporate World specify that for atleast interviews, Indian girls should come wearing salwar kameez or saree. Its clear in everybody's mindset that salwar Kameez is downtown dress for normal wear and sarees are strictly for home makers.

  6. You voice was so beautiful. That was a great speech?

    Yes. I could feel what you wanted to convey. What people have turned their bodies, and how they are treated like objects.

    But….I couldn't get what is the solution to it? We cannot be naked all the time?? that will be extremely uhh…anyways.
    Please can someone elaborate a bit on this.

    Thanks for scrolling?have a nice day ahead ??

  7. Proud to be kullvi . Manikaran is the best place all should visit . Jai Himachal valley of God

  8. In ancient times people lived like this only, fully liberated, in India problem started with entering of Islamic Invaders plunderers, then the British, clothes/morality is Western concept.

  9. Guys come to reality. If body is beautiful and we can be naked then why are we wearing clothes? Think what would happen if everyone will be naked. Father, Mother, children are naked in family. Can you really think like this. I would definitely die out of shame. I'm not so shameless.
    Shame is the ornament of human. We are not animal who mates with anyone. Humans are different because we are best of the creatures. We build houses, tall towers, change nothing to important things. and many many more.

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