Nancy Pelosi Launches Trump Impeachment Inquiry


Nancy Pelosi Launches Trump Impeachment Inquiry

Jimmy Fallon’s live monologue from Tuesday, September 24.

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Nancy Pelosi Launches Trump Impeachment Inquiry





  1. Oh no, thought you are cool, now I see a petty loser…Stay out of politics, you will lose your viewers big time….

  2. Looks like that bitches show got cancelled LMAO 😂. Need to get that old ass cooter smell off your face Jimmy Fallon.

  3. He use to be funny now all he talks about is politics! That’s all the comedians talk about anymore, nobody has their own material just a bunch of parrots! Miss Johnny Carson and Jay Leno 🙄🙄🤮🤮

  4. Yeah and this is “a sad, prayerful, somber, thing”. What asshole to mock Melania’s accent. So who are the real xenophobes. I am not holding my breath waiting for all the left safespace institutions to announce their divestiture of ABC related stocks.

  5. These useless government pawns are a waste of air it pissed me off I have to share it with stupid idiots like this and the dirty shit the dems do gets swept away

  6. Man you would think these people would realize they would get more views if they got of this trump shit. It's like a great song that out plays on the radio while your working. These jokes used to be kinda funny but god they are old

  7. Impeachment for what? The Democrats own witnesses couldn't name 1 thing the President did that was impeachable. If hearsay starts being allowed to ruin someones life, and put them in jail, then a perfect stranger could say they "heard" you raped someone, and you're going away. This is a joke, and the American people see right through it. SHAM.

  8. All you late nite shows should stick to comedy and stay out of politics. A bunch of deranged clowns. Hope you enjoy trump for the next 5 years.

  9. You know, instead of making assumptions about this whole thing, why not trying talking to Trump. Invite him on your show again and get his side of the story.

  10. Conned? Hardly. I did my research. I have ZERO regrets voting for Trump in 2016. He has completely bypassed by expectations. I cannot wait to vote Republican in every local, State, Federal elections. Dems are power hungry do nothings. Trump/Pence again in 2020!! They make the last 4 Admins look like they weren't working for America's best interests at all. Obama definitely didn't deliver Hope or Change, but enriched himself, his Administration & friends.
    Why don't you actually read President Trump & his Administration's extremely long results on under 3 yrs at White House site? You might learn something. You will never see those results from Deomcrats or Regressives.

  11. this guy bombed. now we all know jimmy fallon is a little beyatch, didnt even read the narrative jokes with any punchline.should get him fired.hopefully.


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