Naofumi Got His Revenge And Cleared His Name!!

Naofumi Got His Revenge And Cleared His Name!!

Anime: Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari The Rising of the Shield Hero 盾の勇者の成り上がり Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, …

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  2. if you put yourself into Naofumi shoes, you'll find this moment is just empty and not satisfying. Doing this just show how stupid these people are, how dumb and low-level they are now compare to you. Everything i felt in this scene is just deep deep disdain

  3. I see people saying this is different from the manga and that is true, but people are also making it seem as if they were all much crueler. From what I read, the manga trial is in private and initially concludes with the Queen merely stripping them of their royal status, which should happen by default rather than being their whole punishment. Somehow, the other heroes actually find this objectionable and complain. The queen says she may reconsider the punishment if Naofumi shows them forgiveness. Malty immediately tries to flatter and guilt-trip Naofumi about how he is wise, shouldn't seek revenge, and that their punishment won't cure his resentment. He snaps at that and says they should be executed. The Queen says they can't kill them and then suggests horrible torture that would make them beg for death, saying he can have them punished anyway he wants other than killing them so he comes up with the name thing and them bowing before him in public. Subsequently, it is hinted that her rather horrific suggestion was more about convincing him to opt for a less extreme punishment.

    Basically, the tenor of the scene is similar in that the Queen suggests an extremely harsh punishment and Naofumi is coaxed by that into suggesting they simply be forced to go by shameful names for the rest of their lives. Each version has certain benefits. For one, none of the trial or punishment is done in any big public manner until it is concluded in the manga and the punishment is only explained to be a sign of Naofumi's mercy as he spared them a harsher punishment from the Queen. That effect is similar in the anime, but they also see his not-so-merciful demeanor about it on full display and his exoneration is rather public. Main benefit of this version is we avoid the earlier bizarre matter of their suggested punishment at first being the mere loss of royal status and objections being made to that punishment. I would have been yelling about that at the time and it really is a stark contrast with her going all the way to suggesting they be brutally tortured to the point they would wish for death.

    With each version, the Queen genuinely does not want them to suffer too extreme a punishment and Naofumi only initially wants an extreme punishment only to have second thoughts one he grasps the horrific nature of what he is suggesting. Either way, it still concludes with him being persuaded to hold back the worst of his negative emotions without looking like a doormat. He is cruelest in the novels as he really just suggests death without provocation or hesitation and insists on it until it is made clear the queen won't allow it, so he starts suggesting physical tortures. In those versions it is probably mostly because of Raphtalia that he eventually settles on the name change as she signals her disapproval and he recognizes that she is right imposing such brutal punishments would be going too far for him. One way or the other, it is ultimately a result of him getting over his hostility and being merciful in a way at the coaxing of others. I do sort of like how the anime handles the ultimate punishment as the others all had it decided privately with it being announced, where here he puts it all on display, taunts them, and announces his alternative punishment on the fly to the public who eagerly accept it.

  4. i don't know what i would have liked better i mean it is a same she is alive but i cant be mad as it is funny as they got badly humiliated but still would have rather bitch to die trash i don't mind as much as he wasn't too antagonising through the story unlike bitch who kept beating a dead horse (meaning kept trying to frame Naofumi over and over)

  5. This anime is so fucking retarded,who the fuck made this story? All the female charachters are whiny useless bitches and what a fucking lame ass story.

  6. Naofumi: the first princess will change her name to b***h!

    Me: bruh, I'm already call her that before you

  7. Just in case,if any of you dont know there is a light novel posted on google and i just read through chapter 252 and damn its savage enough the story is alot different from the anime and manga but it was fun tho.If you guys want to read too you can google search Read Tate No Yuusha No Nariagari or something likewise and check at novelplanet website.

  8. In the manga
    Naofumi was the one who wanted to beheaded them, not the queen

    She wanted to to a different punishment
    So naofumi changed their names

    That ofc was changed in the anime for Idk why

  9. Don't you love it when God serves justice in anime? XD Naofumi had the power of Protagonist and God on his side

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