Natalie Taylor – Surrender (Lyrics)

Natalie Taylor – Surrender (Lyrics)

Lyrics video for Surrender by Natalie Taylor

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  1. i just realized that i have to leave my cat my parents don't give me to have her so we have to give her. I'M FEELING PAIN and i'm listening this song for 2 hours and crying. I love my little angel and i can't take this damage my heart will stop working

  2. Been together for 9 years and she gave up ?. It's okay when ever you ready honey please come back. I love you so much

  3. I'm really addicted to this song listening to it over 10 times daily. Buh unfortunately I can't even imitate her because of my bold voice like that of Schwarzenegger.

  4. Dear person reading this: Listen to me, your worth it, your beautiful, your amazing, if anyone has been betraying you or bullying you, you never know what will happen in the future, don’t give up and never lose hope for yourself, you are born for a reason, god loves you, god will find a way to help you, god is here for you! We aren’t perfect, we aren’t the best, ily and I’m here for you. ??

  5. I really need to let this off my chest to someone I don’t know I know some may not care so I’m sorry if I’m wasting your time but the emptiness is killing me I don’t k know what to do I’ve tried everything I feel so alone I just need good advice that isn’t go look for help I tried no one cares.

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