News Now Stream 05/27/20 (FNN)

News Now Stream 05/27/20 (FNN)

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  1. Ellison the wife beating fake Muslim attorney general is only in there because of wide scale voter fraud. He is a hypocrite and very racist.

  2. Mindless mind control constantly harpring over this damn virus. Media is owned by 5 corporations and they want to constantly put fear in the people so they can have a new world order and Bill Gates will make his billions by vaccinating the whole world with the DARPA nano technology to track you 24/7 so you can be their slaves

  3. Mr. Shaun Hannity, I project that at least 2 of the 4 bad cops are already safely into Mexico. Those bad cops know that they are dead meat walking…if they were to expose themselves to indictment, subsequently then to become imprisoned. Shaun, you know the other inmates will torture then kill them, probably with the same torture technique they acted out on that unfortunate citizen whom merely acted out a minor offense. That is what has the public upset. The gov’t merely firing those four cops—gives those bad cops the opportunity to slip away from prosecution. Shaun, you know that 40% of all cops and FBI nerds are “Bad Cops”…so, please stop that 1% rant ball snort. You disgrace yourself, pathetically.

  4. You begged for beds, respirators, testing equip. masks and gloves. You have misrepresented the number of cases. You closed your city and stopped your revenue. You rejected a major revenue producer.
    You now are begging for a national bail out for your broken government. People are leaving your city! Not our fault!!

  5. Good morning sir please help us me and my mother is sick she need money for the operation treatment please anyone with any help please help me and my mother please anyone with some things please help us

  6. FOX fake news has influenced an entire generation`s political opinions, now do you know how the orange menace was elected?

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