News Now Stream Part 1 – 04/22/20 (FNN)

News Now Stream Part 1 – 04/22/20 (FNN)

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  1. Mayor DeBlasio. I am a senior citizen and live in Wisconsin. I feel so motivated and encouraged with your words today. The people of America need to have hope especially at a time when we face the giant of this pandemic. New York is so fortunate to have a mayor and governor like you. I'm praying for you and hoping all states will give their all for the people of their states. For safety. courage, hope and victory. Hooray!!! Keep up the good work. Giving God your best.

  2. The FLU VACCINE is $hit!! They never get it right! Chop my head of with a fing GUILLOTINE, before you inject me with a nanobot vaccine from Bill Gates!!!!!! The CDC uses fetal tissue, mercury, and formaldehyde. Oh wait for it… (if a nurse drops the vaccine, the MMR ON THE FLOOR AT THE PEDIATRICIAN'S OFFICE "IT IS A TOXIC WAISTE SITE!" And they want that in my children's body?! F off!!

  3. Governor '$1 BILLION FOR THE ORCAS!' Inslee just announced the quarantine will NOT end on May 4th, and further, by mid-May, compulsory testing and 'contact tracing' will be required before you can go back to work. From there, once they have you in their registry, and a Gates-Fauci vaccination-chipping program is ready, you'll get jabbed and chipped, or again, no work. All it took was 'Invisible Enemy' to turn USA Socialist, a 'BootStrapMe!' nation into cowering 'TittyMommyTitty!'s.

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