News Now Stream Part 1 – 04/27/20 (FNN)

News Now Stream Part 1 – 04/27/20 (FNN)

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  1. Mayor DeBlasio Thank you so much for holding these forums to help protect the citizens of New York. The medical, social and safety techniques are necessary and life saving. I'm learning so much from you and appreciate both the courageyou display and knowledge you share. I'm praying for you and
    New York. I'm from Wisconsin. We need all over America your drive and planning stategy. Thank you for all your're doing. Keep up the good work.

  2. Deblasio's contact tracing team … the First steps to a Democrat NAZI Gestapo Team. His years visiting Germany and its old darkside have impacted him well.

  3. I would vote for Trump but why does the president not tell the truth very often . He also has a tendency to brag a wee bit too much , reminds me of a kid I knew in grade school .

    Yeah, like Nazis are going to bother anyone on this channel.
    90% of this audience only goes to the cleaners when they run out of hoods.

  5. FOX and the remainder of corporate media have been organized propaganda since the Pilgrim Society took control since 1909. Bless Trump for always labeling such.

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