NFL 2020 Season Hot Takes Part 2! (Wait Who’s Retiring at Halftime!?!)

NFL 2020 Season Hot Takes Part 2! (Wait Who’s Retiring at Halftime!?!)

Hear what we have to say about questions such as What coach will get fired? Who’s most likely to get a huge injury? And who will retire at half time? Let us know your answers in the comment section!!!


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  1. Now I'm a Titans fan so we're going 16-0 Steelers going 4-12 also we took you guys out of the playoffs and it's time for Ben to retire

  2. the reason Adam Thielen had a bunch of zeros is because he was injured for half the season. please like this. SquadZilla is insane

  3. If you think that andy dalton is going to start over dak Prescott you are not right in the head. Dak threw for over 400 yards in about 5 games. Now that garrett is gone we will be a team that will do it all

  4. Hey Squadzilla I love your videos and these predictions I believe very much about the predictions you guys are great and I would a part three

  5. OROTY: Jerry Juedy
    DROTY: Isiah Simmons
    Coach: Firing Matt Patricia
    Sleeper: Daniel Jones
    Injury: Jamal Adams
    Halftime Retire: Gronk

  6. I agree with Joe burrow as a offensive player of the year and defensive I would go with chase young defensive player

  7. If you went here for sports knowledge, what r u doing with your life. You will know less by the time you r done watching this vid.

  8. Sleeper: James white or DK
    OROTY: Justin Herbert
    DROTY: Isiah Simmons
    Fired coach: Matt Patricia
    Retire at half time: Nobody

  9. Gronk is a woss?? Nah man.. HOF TE.
    Big ben is gonna retire half the season. Nonathletic, injured and no good OLs so he will get sacked hard.
    Steelers 4-12 ?✌?

  10. I think Matt Stafford will be a sleeper he just got injured and his team is bad but he could still do good

  11. Frank is talking trash about the lions again I see……their better then the steelers this year bet? and Logan I thought you were cool

  12. During the question who will retire at halftime I was really starting to hate Ricky Pete Carroll and the Seahawks are so much better than Kliff Kingsbury and the Cardinals I say Pete has another 5-10 years left Russ is indestructible he won't be injured big Seahawks fan by the way

  13. If Thursday was gone and replaced with a day in between Tuesday and Wednesday what would the name of that day be???

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