Nick Suriano: 'I came to fight'

Nick Suriano: 'I came to fight'

Rutgers junior Nick Suriano prevailed in a heated 133-pound Big Ten semifinal match against Iowa’s Austin DeSanto.



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  1. this kid would make a great mma fighter. He already has the mentality & wrestling background to be a top mma fighter 4sure. He looks a bit like darren elkins.

  2. Nick, tune out the distractions, keep working your tail off, wrestle every second of your matches and you will be an NCAA champion this year.

  3. Desanto is scum and Brads bros need to clean up their act as well. These are coaches mouthing off to students. Disgraceful.

  4. I am a fan of both wrestlers. Love the energy. Im glad you got the W. Keep your confidence high and always attack, score points.

  5. Nick, I was watching that match so hard. Great win. CONGRATULATIONS. I think Desanto wrestles on the "dirty edge"

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