Nick Suriano: 'I'm coming to Pittsburgh fired up'


Nick Suriano: 'I'm coming to Pittsburgh fired up'

Rutgers junior Nick Suriano claimed the 2019 Big Ten 133-pound title.




  1. I think Suriano is the best wrestler in that weight class when judged on all three positions. I don't see any of them being able to turn each other. They are all even on top. On bottom, DeSanto is the one who seems to have trouble making riding time a non-issue. It really comes down to the neutral position, consisting of offense and defense. I think Suriano is the best in that his defense is very good, but he can get to guys' legs when he is aggressive–keyword here is aggressive. Micic is good on offense, but he's not as strong as Fix and Suriano. With Fix, while he's the best at defending shots, his offense is lacking. His offensive moves are easier to defend against than the other two I mentioned. As long as his opponents can stay away from going upper body to upper body, they can stay in a match with him. The times I've seen Fix be impressive is when he bullies other wrestlers by brute force, not by shooting.

  2. East coast in the house. Yeah, man, you have to scrap with these farm boys and shit kickers. Iowa loves defense and counters. They also use their crowd to intimidate the officials when their wrestlers are losing. Keep up the intensity.

  3. I like Suriano but I don’t see anyone beating Fix. I don’t think Micic will get it done either.

  4. Nick is acting like he's the only guy that goes through injuries and stuff. Some guys keep it to themselves and keep moving forward without the extra. I like Nick, but needs to be humbled a bit himself.

  5. He didn't look that great in the final to me. He admitted to not shooting enough & holding off for the win. He wouldn't beat Micic the way he wrestled in the final. And it's the top 10+ who are all dangerous.

  6. Lol watching him shaking in his boots trying to finish the interview reminds me of the good days getting off the mats after a win!! There is no way to describe what he’s feeling..

  7. I never counted this man out. Everyday i tell my friends that hes going to preform when i matters. Jan and feb dont matter march does!

  8. I love seeing the blend of fury and humility. Wrestling is a great sport and underrated spectator sport

  9. Kid is going to his ass beat against Daton. Kid always has an excuse

    All you people are right. He got that Jersey life. Not about that PSU life haha

  10. Pulling for this kid 💯. He has the Iowa warrior style but still super humble and grounded. Kid just bleeds grit. Keep going! Making jersey proud !

  11. Austin Desanto, Stay humble young man.
    You're antics are catching up with you and you're making things more difficult for yourself# humility #class. Way to go Nicky pushups #Jersey boy!

  12. I changed my mind after this weekend and Im really pulling for Suriano to win NCAA. He is will earning and deserving of a title.


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