NO (Gacha Life BNHA boy and girl version)

NO (Gacha Life BNHA boy and girl version)




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  1. There are a few mistakes like kacchan's eyes they should be red, you also forgot deku's freckles but overall I like it
    By the way the purple girls name is kyoka jirou (or jiro)

  2. anime:
    uraraka: your name is deku Midoriya?
    Midoriya: DEKU????
    uraraka: uh, yeah, isn’t that what bakugo called you during the fitness test? he said “DEKU YOU BASTARD!!!!”, right?
    Midoriya: uh well, my name is actually Izuku, deku is what kacchan uses to make fun of me
    uraraka: oh.. sorry! but deku sounds like a great hero name, and cute too!
    Midoriya: DEKU IT IS THEN
    didn’t you just say it was an insult?

  3. Why some of them wear the school costume,and other ones wear some random outfits?
    Why Midoriya is with the girls?

  4. Me in my mind when theres mono and Todoroki : girl… you need SoMe MiLk
    You : saying that you dont ship Momo and Todoroki
    Me : i’m same from momo

  5. Ummh,why the guy isn't wearing pants?AnD WeAriNg sOmetHinG eLsE(i forgot how the calls)!(In 1:47)

  6. Jirou hair is different with her eyes and pikachu hair is different and bakugou eyes are red blood and I’m not rude but try to match everyone’s style with hair to

  7. Ah yes… another MHA Gacha Life music video with random people in it…

    Also Bakugo has red eyes not black

    And I don’t ship Bakudeku… All I can see is an abusive relationship
    Anime: Bakugo and Deku trying to kill each other
    Fandom: OmG So CuTe

    And why is Deku with the girls?

    And also…
    Jirou: ArE YoU cAllinG Me FlAt?!


  8. Uyuyuyyuyyyyyy aquí huele a Yaoi XD adoro el bakudeku pero también el tododeku y más el todobakudeku pero bueno de todas maneras me encantó el vídeo bye

    Sorry i forget you talk english can you traduct plis i'm too tired of this i talk english and spanish for the gachatubers can understand me but im tired it's hard and i can't speak it soo good i'm tired ??

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