OMG ! Very Pitiful The Many Monkeys are Trapping


OMG ! Very Pitiful The Many Monkeys are Trapping

Hello Everyone! This video, I would like to share with you about monkey lifestyles such as wild and pet monkeys, so you can find out here about animals for searching for knowledge, educational and entertainment purposes anytime anywhere. Please click here: for more new video

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  1. Their greed & gluttony for endless food is what will be their demise. Too many now & it’s gotten way out of control. Culling is the only solution as there’s no where else in Cambodia to keep them sadly😔💗🐒

  2. The whole feeding hierarchy BS is very bad with these animals. The adult females & males are selfish fat gluttons & they never share any of their food with their underweight babies. No wonder the local authorities are culling these monkeys. All they do is laze around, eat, crap everywhere, fight, mate constantly & treat their offspring like rubbish. They have become a useless pest that no longer serves a decent purpose. I wouldn’t go so far in calling them tree rats (like other viewers) but I can relate to the issue of menace these monkeys bring with them, wherever they are. Humans aren’t much better😔

  3. The catching cages with the trap door need to be a lot deeper so when they try to grab the food they can't grab it while half in and half out. They have to be deeper so they have to walk all the way in and don't have time to run out when a bunch of them crowd in to get the bait. And I love how they cram them into a tiny cage they are holding the bars and looking out as if to say..I'm innocent man I didn't do it..Its mistaken ID it was someone else. I was home all night with my mommy reading the bible I didn't do nothing !!! I ain't suppose to be here this is a mistake !! LMAO. Cracks me up. But I like when they dart them better. I know it takes longer and its only 1 at a time. But watching them doze off and fall out of the tree is half the fun, well it's all the fun of watching that. LMAO. JMO.

  4. And they watch this happen and still run in after the food. They are so intelligent it amazes me. LMAO. JMO.

  5. Je hoefde niet naar de Hitler 'methode en de POL POT methode om evenwicht te bereiken toe te passen.Om deze populatie in evenwicht te houden, kunt u voorkomen dat hun begroeiing wordt gecastreerd!niet zo moeilijk.Waarom heb je zoveel AAP's verzameld in dit park voor je eigen interesses, en van tijd tot tijd leef je wreedheid over deze arme dieren.Zo niet, doe je het om de haat van mensen te winnen?Het boeddhisme is een menselijke religie, de filosofie is erg mooi.Je aanvraag, het geschreeuw van apen rond de lelijke kooi, deed je nergens aan denken???

    angela borrayo


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