Original naked confidence: these women will amaze you with their beauty!

Original naked confidence: these women will amaze you with their beauty!

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Bold is beautiful, and this was proved by the women whose naked beauty you are going to see in this video presented to you by Nexter. These ladies went out of their way to defy normal culture. They decided to pose for a nude calendar: both old and young went out of their way. Most people have insecurities about revealing parts of their body in fear of harsh criticism but it’s not a problem for this group of women.

A group of undressed women in Britain wanted to change the perspective of their small community and change the standard of beauty. Even though at first they were insecure about their body image and had certain fears and constraints, it didn’t stop them from their mission. These women worked together with a charity organization who had the same goal as they had, and it was hanging the mindset of others.

By having their photos as a calendar image, these beautiful naked women showed that beauty comes in all sizes and all ages. They didn’t care about their weight, or whether people would consider them to be too fat or too thin.

These courageous females didn’t let age stop them from posing for the sultry photos. They came out in different ages, one being as young as 18 and the oldest being over 80 years old. Size didn’t make them shy away either since they were all ready to show their beauty. Tall or short, all of them were nude beauties.

While being in a situation of vulnerability and showing a big smile, it spoke confidence. Confidence is exactly what beauty is all about. And these ladies succeeded in expressing it to the world. Well, the naked beautiful women didn’t only run an all beauty campaign; they were also able to raise funds towards a greater cause.

It is amazing to see what the power of goodwill and teamwork can achieve when they are together. Through their campaign, these new models that live a very small town in England managed to do what maybe just few people believed that they could do: they raised over 5,000 dollars. A sum of money which will be used for a good cause. They donated the total amount obtained from the sale of their calendar to patients that suffer from cancer. Now you will agree, that’s a real beauty!

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