OUR FIRST KISS | Lesbian Couple | BerrySwirl


OUR FIRST KISS | Lesbian Couple | BerrySwirl

We’re back with a new 2017 story time video where we talk about our first kiss!

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Thanks for stopping by our LGBT channel!! For those just tuning in, we’ve have been in love since we were 17. Ironically enough, when they first met each other we HATED one another. Until we got paired together for a class project in high school, and literally two weeks after that I told her I loved her. 7 years later, we were ecstatic to say the words, “I do”!!

Whether you’re gay, straight, bisexual, black, white, etc. We truly believe that there is something in our love story for everyone.

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  1. So Brooke want believe us that her first kiss on Chelsea's lips without grabbing her breast!?

  2. I think Brooke can teach many lessons to Chelsea… Brooke is powerful enough to drag her… Isn't it?

  3. Hey Brooke and Chelsea! The vlog style is actually quite cool, I really like it! Reminded me of me and my girlfriend's first kiss…well…trying to remember lol hahahaha Have a great day guys!!

  4. Hello Brooke and Chelsea
    Love your hair Brooke. Chelsea I gotta say your cheeky, mischievous smile at 0:59 –1:11 in the background as Brooke was giving her "version", was so cute mate 😀 . And when you were saying
    " it was like I'm gonna do this more often" 😀 lol. You are both so adorable.
    Peppertree Park ( where you both were scandalous 😀) is a special place too you girls then 💕.
    What a wonderful "core memory" mates. One of many I have no doubt.
    On another note … I love this type of vlog , but you will always get the thumbs up for anything y'all do from me. Love you both.
    As always sending you both hugs and prayers from the land of Oz 😎🇦🇺

  5. This actually had me cracking up it's a romantic story with some humor definitely a story to keep telling for years to come

  6. The best romantic story ever!!
    You got now eachother and i wish you to not lose eachother. Love you!♥

  7. Love the vlog style!! would definitely love to see more! Have a wonderful day ladies, and thanks for making my day brighter!! much love, Kat

  8. Hi Friends! QUESTION! Do you like this vlog style type video??? Would love to hear your thoughts!


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