Our First Time

Our First Time

The firsts of many memories to come!

Shannon and Cammie



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  1. Thank you for keeping your words cleaned. I been on some that were so nasty. So thank you for having a clean image on your videos.

  2. I could see your girlfriend was tired, but your snuggling was so cute! and that play fight was adorable! Loved watching xx

  3. you are 2 wery special ladys , life could be sooooo goooooood if there where more like you 2  lots lots off love from denmark

  4. Hello great video! I have a question- do you think it's possible to caption your videos? It would make thek accessible and it would help people with hearing loss and people who are learning English or just everyone in general be able to understand and enjoy your content. There are many ways to caption your videos- for different options, you could check out Rikki Poynter, she has many great videos that could help you find different options to caption.

  5. Kara you're cute, I like your smile 🙂 and it was nice to see a longer video of you guys! All the best for you two 🙂

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