Pastor Rick Warren on Gay Marriage, Abortion, Torture

Pastor Rick Warren on Gay Marriage, Abortion, Torture

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  1. what do you say when ppl are born gay? its possibly a crossed gene or something we dont understand but does that give us a right to hate and condem?

  2. Pro-life people should embrace homosexuality as a way of combatting abortion. Who has fewer abortions than gay men and lesbians?

  3. Ravi Zacharias gave the most eloquent, profound and sensitive response that I have heard with respect to the Christian view on homosexuality. The point he makes in the first few minutes is a crucial one that most people overlook or never even consider.

    Ravi Zacharias on the Christian View of Homosexuality:

  4. What a shame, Rick Warren senior Pastor of Saddleback Church afraid to tell the world that gay is SIN. The BIBLE clearly says in Levi 18:22 " You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination."
    " If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them". (Leviticus 20:13) America leave him alone he is not a Christian pastor but Devil's pastor. He is conforming himself with god of this world and advocating gay which abomination before God YHWH. He is seeking fame, glory, honour and richess in this world leave such pastors.

  5. If Pastor Rick Warren had ever so much as cracked open a book on the history of marriage, he'd know that there has been NO consensus over the "past five thousand years" about marriage. None. None in Western culture, and absolutely none globally. No consensus on who can get married, how marriages should be performed, how married people should live, if people can get divorced, etc. NONE.

    And as John Fulton commented below a while back, Warren, "scores gay the same as incest, polygamy, and pedophilia." I'd add that Fulton conflates these three things improperly himself… incest and polygamy are not immoral by default, if the participants consent and are happy with the deal. If two grown adults want to get married but they are related, how is that immoral? (For hundreds of years the royal houses of Europe were REQUIRED to marry their own kin, but I guess Rick Warren didn't pay attention in history class. And he feels qualified to speak publicly about historical marriage standards?) And how is polygamy by default immoral if the members of the marriage wish to be in it? What makes pedophilia wrong is the lack of consent. What makes incest wrong is when it lacks consent. What makes polygamy wrong is when it's forced on people against their wishes.

    These things are all so simple that it boggles the mind that grownass adults who claim to be paying attention and are publicly pontificating about them can't understand them. (Not John Fulton, but Rick Warren)

  6. Equal rights for all Americans, absolutely. If gays want these privileges and benefits for their partnerships they should get it straight from the insurance agencies etc if the business wish to support that, but mess with the definition of marriage which is a BIBLICAL INSTITUTION and thems fightin words. Abortion? Obviously murder, no ifs ands or buts. If those human cells encoded with human DNA are dividing, that's LIFE. Dead things don't divide, develop, or grow.

  7. musicminister5,

    God knew all of this would happen and did it anyways. Why create billions of people that he knows will reject him or never know him and then torture them for eternity if he ISNT a masochist?

    If any person pointed a gun to your head and said 'believe in me or I will blow your head off…your choice', is that really a 'choice'?

    Why does God need to threaten you with eternal punishment if he is the 'truth and the way'?

  8. It is better to make use of your brother"s wife, than to spill your seed upon the ground. Another moral teaching from the bible. Take heed sisters

  9. The jews believed in polygamy until the freaking middle ages! Marriage HAS been redefined, by his very own religious tradition! Marriage defiitions also DO vary across cultures. Some cultures have embraced homosexuality as natural, even spiritual. He is blowing smoke to obsure his bigotry and intollerance. He will justify his unjust discrimination in any way he can.

  10. "Now. already know that you are not intent on giving any serious consideration to what is being said."

    Likewise, I am sure.

    Your arrogance of certainty and mental gymnastics are nothing new.

    What you expect me to do is drop all logic, reason and facts in order to accept your version of 'truth'. Truth is that which comports with reality. One of us is certainly being more realistic.

    You can choose to be a good, moral person without belief in the irrational.

  11. "hence the bastard child Ishmael by the servant girl."

    So Sarai can't bear(all but Isaac are 'bastards', 7 of 8), she suggests Abram impregnate her slave. Nice!

    Hagar conceives and despises the sight of Sarai (understandable). Sarai whines to Abram that its his fault and he says, 'she's your slave, do what you want to her'(paraphrased). Sarai 'dealt with her harshly' (aka beat a pregnant woman) so Hagar fled. You go girl!

    Impregnating a slave girl then beating her. Your moral source?

  12. "Abraham was told to sacrifice his son Isaac for a very specific reason."

    So. Personally, speaking as a person with morals, I could care less what reason is given for commanding someone to murder their own son.

  13. "it is apparent that the deaths from the flood were, indeed, literal."

    Its also apparent that God must enjoy creating things he knows will fail so that he can destroy them…or torture them for eternity. Again, what makes it 'apparent' and 'evident'?

    "the need for the sons AND their wives for the re-population of the Earth."

    And the fathers and their son's wives, and their daughters with their cousins etc So incest was God's tool for re-population. Nice one 'G'.

  14. "the subsequent need for a Savior"

    Which God set them up for. So, before they ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, they were inept in those regards. So they had no way of knowing if God were good and the serpent were evil…yet God punishes not only them, but all humanity for their complete ignorance.

    "application of linear logic"

    Sure, lets apply some logic.

    So Jesus is God "I and the father are one", that would mean God sacrificed himself, to himself to appease…himself. hmmm

  15. "Actually, I meant what I said, as I said it."

    Then by all means, reveal the contradictions on Campbell's soup labels which hurt the ideology its attempting to establish.

    If only your Bible meant what it said, as it said it. If it is "evident" that God meant a 'spiritual' death, where is the evidence? Is spiritual death ever defined in the Bible? If its after A & E, how would they have known its a bad?

    It actually doesn't seem all that bad. The only one who makes things bad is, well, God.

  16. Now. already know that you are not intent on giving any serious consideration to what is being said. You will simply focus on one word or thought, & try to use that to discount everything, congratulating yourself for your own cleverness in the process.

    However, you need to be confronted with the truth. What you do with it is up to you.

  17. Abraham was told to sacrifice his son Isaac for a very specific reason.

    Abraham had been unwilling to wait on the Lord for his promised son, hence the bastard child Ishmael by the servant girl.

    Abraham had always professed his faith & trust in God. Yet, he had shown it was not settled in his own heart. By walking through the sacrifice of his son, to the point of having raised the knife, he learned that he was, indeed, fully committed to God in his own heart.

  18. Actually, I meant what I said, as I said it.

    It is evident by the unfolding of the events subsequent to God's original statement that Adam & Eve suffered a spiritual death rather than a physical one, ergo their being removed from the Garden & the subsequent need for a Savior (Jesus).

    By the same application of linear logic, it is apparent that the deaths from the flood were, indeed, literal. Hence, the need for the sons AND their wives for the re-population of the Earth.

  19. "Adam & Eve died spiritually, which is what God was referring to."

    Really? Did God make that distinction in the Bible somewhere? When he commanded Abraham to kill his son, did he mean it in the 'spiritual' sense? When he killed all life on earth save a few was it also metaphorical?

    What contradictions are there on a Campbell's soup label? Is Campbell's trying to establish an ideology/world-view/religion?

    I think what you mean is, you can find whatever you're looking for in the BIBLE.

  20. Adam & Eve died spiritually, which is what God was referring to. If you read Scripture to understand it, you will see this. If you are just looking to find "contradictions", you can find what you're looking for on a Campbell's soup label, just as well.

  21. there are only 8.5 million more women in america what about those without partners?do they become public property?

  22. "Jesus said Adam and Eve are the example."

    Then we should follow their example and disobey God?

    Or should we follow God's example and commit genocide and infanticide? Or God's example of lying to Adam and Eve?

    "for when you eat of it you will surely die."
    "for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die." Gen 2:17

    They didn't die. Besides, how could they know God wasn't evil before eating from the "tree of the knowledge of good and evil"?

    People forgive sooner than God.

  23. weilian,

    I think what you are trying to say is that Warren made a logical fallacy called argumentum ad populum. Just because a large group of people believe a certain way does not make them correct.

  24. Clearly Pastor Warren doesn't know history very well. Marriage has had a fluid definition throughout history. Marriages between one man and many wives or even child-aged wives was once widely accepted. Now it is not accepted. So why cannot marriages between two consenting adults of the same sex be accepted while polygamist or bigamist marriages remain illegal. He is lumping them all together … and he's wrong.

  25. You are right on 100% The bible is right on. Jesus said Adam and Eve are the example. God made an example of Sodom and Gomorah ( now known a a big hole in the ground call the DEAD sea ) , and will make examples of others who loose this moral standard. I am so glad that homosexual can repent of this sin, and turn to God.

  26. the point being that if we can do it, then God can too. However he pulls it off, its not outside the realm of our own reality except that the details are absent and so you assume that in those times technology was absent.But God's not an earthling.His technology is clearly superior to anything we can do, but we emulate our maker;HE EXISTS

    ps. to all…bible does NOT say that soul enters at conception, Rickyboy lies through his judgmental,hypocritical teeth.

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