Pilot dies saving passenger when paraglider snaps midair | New York Post


Pilot dies saving passenger when paraglider snaps midair | New York Post

Purushottam Timsina, a 22-year-old paraglider pilot, is being hailed as a hero after he saved the life of his passenger when his vehicle snapped in the middle of a ride. Timsina managed to steer the broken glider to the ground. Unfortunately, he died from his injuries after the incident.

A peaceful paragliding ride turned into a nightmare when the vehicle snapped midair.

Amazingly, 22-year-old Purushottam Timsina continued to pilot the damaged vehicle and is being credited with saving the life of his passenger, Gaurav Choudhary.

Unfortunately, Timsina died from his injuries. Officials are investigating the incident to see if all of the proper safety procedures were followed

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  1. I can't believe he never let go of the selfie stick. Was probably thinking nothing will happen. No emotions on his face either.

  2. They don't have rescue parachute I think . With rescue parachute they would have survived, maybe without injuries at all.

  3. Solution. Please check your equipment. The carabiner is broken, don't use aluminium carabiner for tandem equipment

  4. i am a skydiver, this one is for the paragliding pilots out there, Its seems the pilot is more concerned with where he was falling is, instead of preforming emergency procedures and deploying a reserve chute. correct me if i am wrong, dont know much about paragliding.

  5. WHY THE FUCK DO I NOT SEE A RESERVE PARACHUTE???!!!! OR A RESERVE SECONDARY ACCESSSORY OR SOMETHING…..hats off to the instructor for the save and M.H.S.R.I.P …but …..DDUUUDEEE, no alternative maneuvre???

  6. It is standard practice to cary a hand deployed reserve parachute and wear a helmet for all flights. When flying tandem, the reserve parachute is sized appropriately.

  7. How come the pilot was not wearing a helmet? Obviously safety wasn't up on the list of priorities for the pilot and the operator. Sad result.

  8. How the fuck is this saves? All I saw was a panicking guy dont know what to do and just grabbing anything he can until it lands. Did anyone notice how huge the balls of the guy in the front? Calm as a cup of water!

  9. People always talk of the horrible risk of doing something like this after an accidental death. Yet they'll get married when the chances of failure are approximately 70%. Oh and don't say divorce won't kill you, because there's alot of dead ex spouses out there that would tell you different except that they're dead and can't talk.

  10. Extreme sports have extreme consequences when they go wrong! Everyone who participates in them is aware so you know!

  11. I would never have a passenger with me when paragliding. Let them go get their own paraglider.

  12. That fat fuck selfie boy would probably die from diabetes. Feel bad for the pilot though.

  13. Don't paragliders carry parachutes? They didn't appear to have much altitude but it's still better than nothing.

  14. You can see at 0:16 that his starboard carabiner failed. It's hard to tell from the video if it was properly closed or not to begin with, but he was stressing it with a hard turn to the right. He also made some sort of adjustment to that side's riser just before. Sad incident.

  15. This is the second similar incident in this week that Have to do with paraglide malfunction !! SMF People, please don’t do it !!

  16. What ‘vehicle’ are you talking about? It’s a parachute right? What was he ‘piloting’? No parachute, no nothing. Also, what’s so graphic about this video? We didn’t hear a SPLAT or see blood, teeth, or body parts snap, crackle, or pop off

  17. Even if he hit the water, at that height it would have still been deadly.. that's crazy


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