Pitching Adult Films to Riley Reid

Pitching Adult Films to Riley Reid

Le has great idea for Riley’s next project.

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  1. 1:45 lee has to have sev sit on him "I'm saving myself for marriage, so gets on one knee sev… If you could give danny this ring" or "my mommy wouldn't like that" or " sevs fatass might break me" you gotta have a witty comeback

  2. bro i have the exact same shirt as what danny is wearing. dickhead with about 6 million subs goes to kmart and bigw to buy clothes lool

  3. I agree with your family Danny I hate her to. You can do better without Reilly Reid. Cause your my favorite and my future love.

  4. youtube sent you that blanket for when you go broke from being a youtuber in 2020… in case you get chilly being homeless in the near future and all 😛

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