Plus Size Models Pose Nude for Figure Drawing Class | The Succulent Six

Plus Size Models Pose Nude for Figure Drawing Class | The Succulent Six

Body image activist, Amanda Scriver, joins our squad of plus size models as they pose nude for a real figure drawing class. The Succulent Six bare all and prove to themselves and the public that EVERY body is beautiful.

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Plus Size Models Pose Nude for Figure Drawing Class | The Succulent Six

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  1. So cute when they're in their twenties and thirties.
    Walking health problems when they're in their 50s and 60s.

  2. I don't think obesity is considered as repulsive as many other diseases. I give a thumbs up to the idea of accepting who you are. But being a beggar and not trying to uplift yourself saying this is who I am is not really a good thing at least not to me… and you are just trying to ridicule people trying their best to maintain their body or to put it more frankly taking an effort to look good as well as to have a healthy lifestyle

  3. When i was 27 i understood for me hot beauty and sexy means…girls with plus size…..they give me hand full, mouth full and desire full with respect…lol sounds loud but truth….I admit,,, i submit myself to plus size females i find them natural and real

  4. Seriously? Some one want me to think being fat is good I might be out of my mind! Don't mind me ladies I'm 20 and I think I weight around 120 kg and I'm fat and I think I have various health issue from my perspective every one should work out and decrease the fat.

  5. Its awesome what you women are doing and I totally agree with what you are working towards everyone shoud not sexualize beeing naked. It doesn't matter your size shape gender and yes there is a self concern at first but with doing things like being a nude model or posing naked does build self confidence I haven't been in nude photo shoots or anything but I have become alot more confident in who I am

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