Pole dancing, 20th of July, 2016, drunk as a skunk


Pole dancing, 20th of July, 2016, drunk as a skunk

Last week I spent time at a cabin with friends. One of them asked if I could bring my pole along and I did. The first night there someone asked that I’d dance a little and even though I was drunk as hell, I did it. That’s why I make less tricks and more just moving about. And it was hot. And stuffy. And I got out of breath quite soon. But this is proof that no matter what state I’m in, pole dancing will always work 😀

Oh yeah, we spent the evening in a sauna and because we’re finnish, nudity comes semi natural to us. So no wondering about me taking off mah shirt, there wasn’t anything there they hadn’t seen earlier 😛 And I was sweating like mad.

Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb

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  1. Not only do I think your hair looks amazing but your pole dancing is phenomenal it's so great watching you beautiful and talented 😉


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