Pollachi Case: Police மேல பயமே இல்லாம போயிருச்சு – Bigg Boss Aishwarya Dutta | TN


Pollachi Case: Police மேல பயமே இல்லாம போயிருச்சு – Bigg Boss Aishwarya Dutta | TN

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Here is the video of Bigg Boss fame Aishwarya Dutta on Pollachi Case. Watch to know more.

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  2. Bitches like u influences young generation and go wrong side. So you should should shut up and don't gib any advise to public.

  3. Fraud aishwarya unnoda boy friend and his family nalini,vasu,meena arrested they r in puzal jail go n see them.police searching u .watch polimer news one week before

  4. Super aishu good heart…ne safetya iru str kooda palakkam vachukatha kettathu pannitu atha naayapaduthura character ok …u good

  5. stop publishing stupid videos . if you are really concerned, do smthing so that it will create an impact on the issue.

  6. See who is advising.?? You urself is a bawd and trying to get fame by creating such videos. porikinngellam advise panna kilambidchi.

  7. Respect ur concern 4 voicing out for the victims.. U r very sweet gud hearted soul dear.. God bless you..❤️❤️

  8. Intha medianala than ellam nasama pothu, porukki thanni adikiravan ivan ellam getha herova kamichidunga, nalla padikiravan decenta irukavan ellam sambhar comedy piece kaminga, intha ponnunga pinnadi evlo nallavan ellam alanjirpan avan ellam antha ponnungalku comedy piece ah sambhar ah terinjirkum, intha porukki nayingalam pathathum hero va getha terinjirkum athan avanungala nambi seeralinjiduchinga, evlo pathalum ponnunga manasu medianala brain wash pannapatruku kettavana than choose pannuvanga kettavana than nambuvanga, kettavana than herova papanga, ennaiki tv vanducho annaike ponnunga kannuku kettavan nallavanavum, nallavan ellam mokkaiyavum theriya arambichidchi


  10. Podi aishwarya thevidiaa munda .. Una first okanum di .. Un molaiya nasuki paal kudikanum di un koothi yah nakanum di

  11. i dont know y These kind off actress and actor are talking about pollachi issue. if they are really worried about it just stand and participate with college students talk and protest. these stupids are Sitting in AC and telling about ur thoughts. who needs ur hecky thoughts. All TV channels u people go behind actress and actors bcoz they only paying you the salary na….

  12. Boysyum,girlsyum onna bedla iryntha thappillannu sollikudutheenga…tamil naatoda cultureah maranthuttu ,ungala maathiri aalungala follow panna aarambichchthoda vilaivuthan ithu. ..unakku army aarambichchangallam yaarnnu ninaichcheenga madam??intha maathiri porukkeengathan

  13. உலகின் தலை சிறந்த சொல் ‘செயல்’!

    Unna mare alugala tamil nadu kula veitatha thappu.. Go back Aishwarya. Get lost.. Pollachi rapists will be killed by court..

  14. inga niraiya per aishwarya pathi thappa pesuranga… ungalukku ellam enna prachana..avangalachi dhairiyama yedho pesuranga…bt ninga ellam comments pothadhan laayaku… stupid

  15. தயவு செய்து தமிழை கொலை செயாதிங்க ஐஸ்

  16. Neeyelam karuthhu solra alavuku Tamil nadu oda nilama agiruchu atha ninacha than kastama iruku ,

  17. Aishwarya i agree with the severe punishments and addiction of drugs…what those filthy mens did are shit and most cruel but how can you blame a whole genration for this?we generation boys are more responsible then your fathers and grandfathers generation of yours…you are the one who gave false accusation of shariq right?that he will cross his limit if you allow even-though he didn't do..for people like you is yourshamesfully movie is made..you don't have any rights too talk about our generation guys first u generation girls stop making false Accusation on guys for you're publicity

  18. What have you been neglected by cine industry,or trying for chance with your sympathy.Its not big boss.dont try with your cry..

  19. அவுத்து போட்டு காட்டு உண்ண மாதிரி அளுங்க தாண் காரணும் மக்கள் கேடுகுறதுக்கு

  20. நீ மூடிட்டு போடி.. வந்துட்டா பெரிய யோக்கிய மயிரு மாதிரி 😑😑

  21. சுய விளம்பரத்திற்கு ஆதாயம் தேடும் சனி


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