Poor Lipa almost passed away now ! very breaking heart to see Ally biting Lipa like this

Poor Lipa almost passed away now ! very breaking heart to see Ally biting Lipa like this

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Poor Lipa almost passed away now ! very breaking heart to see Ally biting Lipa like this
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Real life of orphan monkey Martin :
His mom Malina gives a birth him about 72 hours she was exhausted and passed away even we are trying send her to see the VET – Martin started to live with care giver about 6 days then His grandma Malida has gives birth too but unfortunately her baby has been passed away because she is takes long time labor .From now 3rd April 2020 we are decided to bring Orphan Martin to live with his grandma Malida and she pick up his grandson happily .Please wait to see about Martin ‘s life with his grandma ?

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