Proof That JP Morgan Coin Needs XRP To Settle In Real Time.

Proof That JP Morgan Coin Needs XRP To Settle In Real Time.


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  1. Here's a thought. How can JPM coin have liquidity in the trillions? When, if all their customers did a bank run for all their cash, they wouldn't be able to provide it. And it's not traded anywhere. So where is the liquidity needed to put coins like XRP and Stellar out of business? My thought, this will be how they extend the bear market longer, to chase more people out of crypto. I think they underestimated the stubbornness of the extreme Hodlers. Extreme situations call for extreme solutions. I could be wrong. Maybe I'm overseeing something. If I am, someone please tell me.

  2. an idiot who claims btc is a scam now create personal fake coin for idiots ,shame on him.When is crypto scam ,why create shit jpm coin now?fucking RAT Morgan!!!

  3. Jpm coin is trash not more bakt with colour paper Dolar ,, fucking centralize shit coin .. only idiot can buy this coin

  4. Everybody in the xrp community is saying that JPMorgan is missing the point. Even Garlinghouse. But really it's the XRP community that is missing the point. Yes JPMorgan is creating their own little Walled Garden. That is the point. And yes it will be competition to xrp and ripple simply because within that Walled Garden the international remittances will be hidden from view, which is what they've always done and which is exactly what their clients prefer.
    Furthermore, all the biggest Banks have strong relationships not only with all the other financial institutions around the world but with the biggest clients in the world. Does anybody really believe that the circle of big banks will allow a usurper like xrp and ripple to come along and take away their business.
    Dont be fuckin stupid.
    XRP and Ripple will have a significant place in the world of money transfer, but that Place won't be with the elite in the financial industry, because they don't want openness or transparency. They want privacy.
    THAT IS THE POINT. If I am a billionaire moving money around I don't want anybody else to know about it.
    The good news is that xrp and ripple and the rest of the crypto community don't need to be in that Elite circle of High Finance. There's plenty of market space to succeed in aside from that Elite Circle.

  5. xrp is the biggest scam in the world. Bank will never ever use XRP. 100% sure ? It has been 8 years since xrp came out. Nothing happened. Action is stronger than words. All the good news release every day!!!!!! Nothing happened. Price is 30 cents. Fucking kidding ? Ripple company is taking your money into their pocket. It will goes to zero. Ripple is nothing. Alex Cobb, bear in mind you are so young. why not starting your own your business. Lazy young guy you will never be a rich guy. Don't cry after two years

  6. CEO of JPM fools you to buy cheeper XRP BEACUSE Ripple/XRP & JPMorgan working with Hyperledger and ILP for years. Search news from 2017! Thats fine smart person will be buying on deep 😉

  7. BG tweet is negating the title of your Video. Next time try to align the title  with the content under it . Good material though

  8. I do respect and Like Alex Cobb – However to spend 18 minutes watching a video where the title says "Proof" only to find that I have been click baited like CKJ is disappointing.

  9. Facts supported with common sense, logic, and reason. It really goes a long way. A ‘reactive-free’ zone. Time and Patience. Nice piece AC.

  10. ** RIPPLE will act as A syringe to this old BANKING SYSTEM ** XRP WILL BE the STEROID inside RIPPLES syringe to FLOW through this NEW BANKING system that is developing into sight **

  11. Jpm coin will have nothing to do with xrp…where do you get this…you are speculating…unless you have facts stop speculating…

  12. In any of your videos do you discuss the potential threat of $LINK? I just started watching your videos and you keep mentioning how XRP is a settlement protocol for connecting coins like JPMcoin and others, whereas LINK accomplishes essentially the same but in a decentralized manner. Curious on your thoughts, seeing as LINK has worked with SWIFT and has proven their decentralized oracles would work. Last week SWIFT came out and released their "GPI Link" as well, do you think existing banks would prefer a decentralized smart contract connected to external decentralized data sources via oracles for settlement purposes? Curious what your thoughts are. Thanks

  13. Ripple/XRP JP Morgan – working with Hyperledger for years.. 2017 interview.

  14. Sorry about my lack of knowledge but here goes a question.. if XRP is used as a way to do transfers between banks but then such banks turn it into their own currency … aren’t the volume and the price of XRP gonna be constantly volatile ?? Sorry if it’s a stupid question

  15. Once I heard about JPM coin I assumed before even hearing anything that they will use jpm to settle xrp.

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