"Quirkless??Not Anymore…"Ep.6||Gay BNHA GachaLife Series

"Quirkless??Not Anymore…"Ep.6||Gay BNHA GachaLife Series



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  1. In this episode, Midoriya gained her ability.

    It's a bit sad to see this episode after watching the next episode, but it's a great and good and nice episode!

    The song, atmosphere, background, and character's actions, conversations, and effects are so harmoniously connected that I really like it because I feel peaceful and happy!

    In addition, congratulations on 2.2k subscribers!!

    I hope you have a happy and enjoyable time and be careful.?????????????

  2. Shinsou x Deku? Well that's the first time I see that. I'm not much of a shipper but I liked it tho.
    Also love how Zuke went "If you touch my master, you go to hell"
    I really think Uraraka was screaming so damn loud inside XD

  3. Why isn’t this do not scare us Because toga literally had a knife and kill someone dude like for real

  4. The fact at the end Izuku is just like this with just the look of his eyes "oh okay, someone just died, oh well" I felt like he said that by just looking at his eyes lmao-

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