Rainbow Chooses Not To Be a Wonderbolt (Wonderbolts Academy) | MLP: FiM [HD]

Rainbow Chooses Not To Be a Wonderbolt (Wonderbolts Academy) | MLP: FiM [HD]

Season 3
Episode: Wonderbolts Academy

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  1. Waiiitttt this defies the logic they put in place… only Pegasus can stand on clouds and yettt an earth ponies and unicorns used a cloud spring? confusion noises

  2. I love the way Rainbow Dash saves her friends. Lightning Dust was so wrapped up in self-pride, she failed to see the furious looks from everyone else, plus the Wonderbolts who didn’t like the fact that she was bragging.

  3. when Lightning Dust said "Yeah… But they weren't right?" I realize how careless she is a lot of ponies could get hurt if Rainbow Dash isn't there to save her friends, then they will be goners

  4. I don’t get why lightning dust was made the lead wingpony, rainbow dash is the pony who made a sonic rainboom as a filly for crying out loud!

  5. We can't believe that Lighting didn't care that the tornado that she and Rainbow Dash made endangered the lives of other ponies and almost smash the other ponies to pieces and Lighting went about the obstacle course in the wrong way

  6. Rainbow Dash is right, just because you want to join a club or an activity, doesn't mean that you should reward those who are being reckless and endangering the lives of others

  7. Lighting Dust has no heart at all for other ponies, she didn't even care that Rainbow Dash's could've died from her stupid tornado idea!

  8. Fluttershy: falls and screams for help
    Also Fluttershy: Forgets the fact that she's a pegasus, a pony capable of F L Y I N G

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