Reacting to YOUR coming out VIDEOS 2

Reacting to YOUR coming out VIDEOS 2

Reacting to YOUR coming out videos 2 Hello Dutchy fam!! Here’s the part 2 that you’ve all been waiting for! To all of you who took the time to recreate your …

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  1. Hey, Rebekah here (the one coming out story where my mom said she didn't approve of that lifestyle). I'm a bit confused. Dutchy said that a lifestyle means there's a choice in there, and I'm confused about that if being gay isn't a lifestyle, what is it?

  2. i've only just found your channel a couple of days ago and i love it so far! I'm out as bisexual to my friends and my dad kind of knows but i haven't straight up told him yet and i'm thinking about telling him at some point this week. he is very accepting of the lgbtq+ community but i'm still a bit nervous to tell him. if anyone sees this, do you have any advice on how i should come out?

  3. I'mmmmm sooooo scared of coming out.. I'm scared that my mom and dad will say that I'm toooo young I'm soon 13..

  4. Most of my friends in my friend group are bi/pan and I came out to them I’m bi and they started cheering XD but I haven’t came out to my family yet but I’m an only child so… For me I think it’s more awkward and I’m worried my parents will think I’m weird but idrc if my classmates figure it out because they basically hate me in the first place but ok

  5. I’m gonna die

    I just came out
    M: Goodnight
    G: night
    M: I’m gAy
    G: You’re whAt
    M: I’m GAY

    and I didn’t hear anything else bc I was crying in the bathroom
    M=me G= Grandparents

  6. Here’s my 2 coming out stories: So this is the first one. I, at the time, thought I was bi. I had written a note to my parents and put it on their door. My mom came up to my room and just questioned me. The next day she went through my phone and saw all the gay stuff I had saved. She told me that I was just wanting to be trendy. She said it was just a phase, and asked me to be more oPeN mIndEd. She still thinks I’m straight. My dad never talked to me about it. Now for the second one. This was only about a month ago. I was crying in my room because I had just realized I’m a lesbian. I had messaged my best friend (they are an online friend) panicking. I was crying as I was typing them long paragraphs about me being confused and scared. They talked me through everything and made me feel so much better. About a week later I gained enough courage to tell some of my other best friends. I sent them the Coming Out Song (I forgot who made it), and they were all really supportive. I haven’t told everyone in my friend group because I’m really scared, and I SUPER SCARED about telling my family. BONUS: It was like 3 am and me and my brother were hanging out. We played the game 2 truths and a lie, and one of them was “I’m gay”. My brother thought I was lying, but I told him I wasn’t. He didn’t believe me. I ended up getting really paranoid thinking he would tell my parents, so I told him I was joking.

  7. The first time i came out was when my bff (who is straight) had a girl ask her out and she said yes bc she didn't wanna reject her and sound mean (in her words).. Tha girl she dated happened to be my first girl crush. I was so pissed bc she confides in me with everything even telling me how she didn't wanna be in that relationship. I was so upset i didn't have anyone to go to about it bc i wasnt out yet. For 6 days i didnt say anything i just let her complain bc i didnt know how she would react. The next day she was freaking out bc she wanted to break up with her but she didnt wanna do it she wanted the other girl too. I finally lost it and started crying i told her that i like the girl and it was bothering me that she was doing rhis and she needed to tell hef that she was straight. My bff said she didnt know what to say the asked what my label was i said bi she said she supported me and didn't care that i was bi and it didnt make me different i was happy that day she broke up with the girl and a week later she ends up telling the girl that i like her sooooo…. i got mad bc she outed me to her and told her i liked her. My crush/her ex brought it up in art and outed me to 2 more people on accident they were all supportive but i wad upset. It got worse bc even tho she was bi she would tease me abt liking her. She told me she didn't like me and we could still be friends this all happened in 7th grade. This year (8th grade) she came up to me in class asked if i was gay or bi i said bi. Then she said u used to have a crush on me why? I said idk and she still teases me abt it to this day. I wish she would just forget abt it but it seens impossible.

    Now im out to all my friends at school and 2 of my friends parents but thats it im too scared to tell my parents

  8. I just told the girl i like, I like her and she hasn’t responded yet but she told me last night she still has feelings for me but she’s still talking to her ex so I’m so scared but it’s all I can think about

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