Replacing Lita with a mystery guest for two weeks.

Replacing Lita with a mystery guest for two weeks.

With Lita replaced maybe we can get some work done!



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  1. I always ran no tarp unless paid in advance got tired of being ripped off my paperwork even said that so there was no mistake

  2. Love your opening.? I think your dog is in the back chewing on your buddies leg bone. Just where is he? Kinda shady!?

  3. Hey brother, aren’t you non CDL? If so, I have a question about your tags on your truck and trailer. I’m also non CDL hotshot west of ATL. Can you shoot me an email


  4. I always call the broker or the customer and see if it really needs a tarp. alot of times they will say no. it's like a standrd thing on the brokers paper work and they dont delete it.

  5. We're are you heading after this company there's lots of choices in trucking companies landstar and Mercer are very good to work for

  6. I'm a pretty good judge of people and that character you got helping you…….he looks like a real slime ball.
    Keep an eye on your wallet……..and your liquor cabinet.

  7. Lmfao ? about your helper, dude looks lost! Haha ? you had me rolling. Beautiful fur baby ? by the way. My female pit Hallie comes out with me on short runs. She loves it, but she’s always on the highest alert possible, and never lets me get any rest. So I felt your pain talking about her pacing all night.

  8. The reason that they wanted you to tarp that grain bin is those galvanized steel panels stacked tight together cannot get wet otherwise white rust will set in and ruin the galvanizing. Totally agree that you need to be compensated for your time to do that though.

  9. Dude!! I listen to your videos while driving over my radio speakers. When that siren went off in your video I was rolling up I-81 through Va. I thought the man had got me. I was checking my mirrors.??

  10. Steppin' up with the video work man, impressive. Your story is becoming increasingly entertaining to keep up with. I find that I watch more YouTube these days, than actual TV. Keep up the good work on both fronts…..and be safe. Looking forward to your future adventures.

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