Responding to Logan Paul's Japan Vlog

Responding to Logan Paul's Japan Vlog

I’m not here to tell you to unsub from Logan Paul, but simply addressing my opinions on his actions on his recently deleted video visiting Aokigahara, including those that defend him.


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  1. Coming from a person who deals with this stuff, I literally have never wanted someone to truly suffer for doing that.

  2. I remember when this happened there was a video of a kid saying that the person that killed them selves should be honored to be in a Logan Paul video and when I saw that kids video I just thought that this is how Logan is influencing his fans

  3. I had saw the video…I-I threw up bc what he did was horrible but my brother still like him and that makes me upset so I asked him what would happen if I was to kill myself her said this"i would laugh"…we dont talk anymore

  4. I… I can't believe that someone would disrespect someone's death that bad Logan I know it's been a while but wtf how would you feel if someone did that to you this is just unexpected from you and I'm sure not a lot of us will be watching you again hope you're happy with what you did ??

  5. Logan just wants views and likes and subs he just wants the money I bet if he found most of his subs are kids he would start to do anything to get more subs or likes he’s so Derescptablsa (don’t know how to spell it) If I saw that I wouldn’t even show the camera I would just say “guys well be right back” and turn off the camera SUCIDE IS NOT A JOKE

  6. I'm disgusted with him. One of my friends committed suicide because they had depression. She was to scared to talk to a therapist and….. Some things happened. They found her body hanging from a tall tree, and questioned me and some of my family who knew her. I told them that she had deppresion and made up sick and twisted jokes of her hanging, which was f* up. I don't think people should commit suicide because its not okay. If you are depressed, call or talk to your local therapist or someone you trust.

  7. It was a terrible video done by Logan. I used to watch him a lot and i actually watched this video and i was speechless. He shouldn’t have filmed the person because it is disrespectful to the guy and his family.

  8. He made an apology video about this. If that video didn’t get so much hate he wouldn’t have made an apology vid. That’s how you know his apology was faked and he doesn’t even have the slightest bit of remorse

  9. I know this is super late but I agree with Aki. I didn't even know who Logan who whatever the name of that persons channel but I just wanted to say… Why is he still has the video uploaded?

  10. Dude, sepukku is part of Japanese culture, so if u were to go travel to Japan, at least repsect their culture

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