Reunion, Pt. 2


Reunion, Pt. 2

In the supersized second part of the reunion, the women discuss the highs and lows of their trip to Thailand, including LeeAnne’s L’Infinity dress debacle and the controversial visit to the Red-Light District. Emotions run high when questions about LeeAnne’s shocking remarks towards Kary turn into a heated argument between LeeAnne and the whole group.




  1. LeeAnne made quite an ass out of herself between trying to blame production and trying to downplay the severity of making racial comments SEVERAL times. If I made consistent comments about my show rival's nationality on camera, I would remember that shit and I would be horrified for it all to air.

  2. Brandi has always been a favorite of mine, but tonight she took the lead for me in the franchise. She stands for NO bullshit. Or should I say Chickenshit lol. Also, please bring Kary back! I loved her sooooo much this season. Deandra, I’m so happy for you. You worked hard gal. Kameron, I’m still very on the fence. Love her and dislike her at times. Stephanie really rounds out this cast. She’s finding her voice and I’m so happy to see it.

    Racism should not be tolerated. I understand Leanne brings a lot to the show, but Bravo might and should face huge criticism for bringing her back again. Leanne knows what she did. She can’t be disappointed in anyone but herself.


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